Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ViNtage Cupcake

tHeN tHeRe aRe days wHeRe all I CAN do is jourNal aNd pRay.
WoNdeRiNg what to say...
I staRt reMeMbeRiNg the fiRst tiMe I met my Best fRieNd TiffaNy, 7yrs is a loNg tiMe. To have met her wHeN she was a MotHeR of oNe to her daughter Kylie, now a motHeR of two boys, Braxton aNd Mason. Such a woNdeRful day we had gettiNg caught up on life at ViNtage Cupcake this past week. With her two boys in haNd, we weNt about our day gettiNg what we needed doNe; wHeN it coMes to life sorts aNd such "business as usual" of beiNg Best fRieNds, I guess you can say.
She has seen me go through quite a jourNey in my life aNd has always been there through thick aNd tHiN. At tiMes I fiNd myself tHiNkiNg that there is no way I could have goNe through moMeNts without her as my side~kick paRtNer in cRiMe. She iNspiRes me as a motHeR, fRoM her hoMeMade recipes, to her adoRAble modeRn day Betty Crocker approach on life. She seems to make beiNg a MotHeR siMply effortless aNd tiMeless. If she is not teNdiNg to the Chickens for fResh eggs, she's teNdiNg to her faMily in a hoMe grown soRt of way.
Discussing life, woRk, faMily aNd meMoRies over scrumptious tEa aNd Cakes. Like woRds out of a StoRy Book page...

"A giRlfRieNd is oNe of the Best eMbellisHmeNts you can have to a cReAtive woRld."
Here's to 'bRoKeN down toasters' of beiNg a Mom, tEa tiMe with a fRieNd aNd sHaRiNg our Life's JourNey together in a viNtage kiNd of way.

(I was good, No cupcake was harMed in the makiNg of this day)
~aRt JourNal of Poetic GaRdeN