Monday, May 2, 2011

tiMe of Gratitude

"It's that tiMe again in the gaRdeN to express our most huMbled tHaNk You's aNd gratitude for the coNtiNued support in seeiNg Poetic GaRdeN grow. The aMouNt of accoMplisHmeNts could not have happened without each aNd every oNe of YOU. Through haRdsHips, gRoWth aNd coNtiNued self~discoVeRy, YOU have helped this gaRdeN develop iNto a patcHwoRk of tiMeless meMoRies. If you have visited this gaRdeN at oNe poiNt in tiMe, your footpRiNts will still be left on our paths as a way to say "tHaNk You" for helpiNg our gaRdeN grow.
We have coMe a loNg way in such a short tiMe. A few updates that aRe takiNg place...
Poetic GaRdeN will be lauNcHiNg it's '2011 Collection fRoM the 'Life's JourNey' liNe aNd iNtroduciNg iNto the gaRdeN Three New faiRies. Both addiNg such a wHiMsical flare to aNy Magical StoRy Book.
Without all of YOU, Poetic GaRdeN wouldN't have grown so much aNd be where it is today. By your kiNd woRds aNd actions, YOU aRe helpiNg us rebuild our Non~Profit ReadiNg Program aNd would be appreciative of your coNtiNued support through out this new season as we striVe to bRiNg the Magic back iNto ReAdiNg.
We also have been given a great opportunity to connect with a few schools in Indonesia aNd look forward in sHaRiNg their progress with you as we dReAm woRlds apaRt.
We value aNd appreciate your coNtiNued geNeRosity aNd caRiNgNess. It's iMpoRtaNt that we coNtiNue to sHaRe with YOU the iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg. fRoM tiMeless moMeNts captuRed through 'ooak' cReAtioNs or disCoVeRiNg the magic in your own gaRdeN... we iNvite you to coMe aloNg with us on a New JourNey wHeRe iMagiNatioN aNd 'Self' Discovery coMe aliVe through MotHeR NatuRe.
tHeRe aRe always New tHiNgs sprouting up in the gaRdeN aNd caN't wait to sHaRe tHeM with you this coMiNg season. Here's to discovering your footpRiNts ~Blessed Be fRoM "