Thursday, May 5, 2011

MotHeRs Day CoNtest

On December 2nd, 2010 wrote the fiRst eVeR
'liVe' GreetiNg CaRd on Facebook.

"A giRlfRieNd is oNe of the best eMbellisHmeNts
you can have to a cReAtive woRld"

the gaRdeN is haviNg it's {2nd Annual} facebook 'liVe' tEa PaRty coNtest
in HoNoR of MotHeRs Day
hidden beneath the wRitiNgs aNd riddles fiNd the {message} that was written
in the StoRy Book of Poetic GaRdeN this past week.
StaRt at the {tiMe of Gratitude} page below aNd READ your way up
DoN't foRget to check facebook aNd 'twitter' The White Rabbit has wRitteN a lot of clues to help YOU discover what's iNside the 'GreetiNg CaRd'

What do you tHiNk the next Poetic GaRdeN 'GreetiNg CaRd' will Read?
Post your aNsWeR by May 9th, 2011 on aNyoNe of our oNliNe gaRdeN liNks
{blogger, twitter or facebook}
The fiRst TWO gaRdeN fRieNds that POST their aNsWeRs of what the
{message} Reads
will receive Priceless 'ooak' aRt Pieces fRoM the Gallery Vault
Winners will be announced
{CoNgRatulatioNs to KaReN aNd tHe Mercik's}

~wHeRe iMagiNatioN aNd Discovery CoMe aliVe