Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MotHeRs Day CoNtest

tEa tiMe moMeNt~
i'Ve been goiNg tHrough so maNy mixed eMotioNs the past few days, that seemed to haVe taken me off guard. I didN't tHiNk "MotHeRs Day" would iMpact me the way it did.
Usually it's customary to aNnouNce wiNneRs on the day of a coNtest but how do YOU eNd a 'tEa paRty' that was made fRoM heAveN? Let me explain...
I cReAte {for} the faiRies. So eVeN in my daily routiNe of life, it is who I am, it is who I woRk for. After all {they} haVe tRuly helped me out iN my life aNd haVe blessed me moRe tHaN I can put iNto woRds. So eVeN if YOU doN't belieVe in faiRies, the question still reMaiNs the saMe, Why? why did I choose this caRd for YOU?
Here I was, so focused oN YOU receiving tHis 'GreetiNg CaRd' fRoM the faiRies, that I foRgot about me. What I mean is... "Oh botHeR" let me tRy to explaiN this aNotHeR way...
wHetHeR YOU woRk for facebook {blogger} or 'twitter' or peRhaps YOU doN't, the fact still reMaiNs the saMe. I just waNted to say "Happy MotHeRs Day" to YOU.

I will post the wiNneRs fRoM the "MotHeRs Day" coNtest sHoRtly
eNjoy your GreetiNg CaRd fRoM a 'tEa PaRty' Made iN HeAveN
~Blessed Be fRoM Poetic GaRdeN