Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Star Gazing

I weNt star gazing last night. The air crisp but you could tell that spRiNg was here. The ice cycles aRe goNe now but I always coMe back to this picture because it reMiNds me of how beautiful the night sky liNe can be aNd of all the places that the stars can take me.
ImagiNiNg that my spRiNg gaRdeN has just been nourished, barefoot in a pair of diRty holy jeaNs. Table set with an endless bouNty of fRieNds, flickering dRagoNfly lights fRaMe the patio, swaying in the soft breeze.
Evergreens greet me into the night sky where everything seems to staNd still. CaNdle lights fade aNd laughter seems to go on for hours.
I clutch my aRms to shield myself fRoM the cold, it's late. Quick to iMagiNe aNotHeR place in the night sky,igNoRiNg the harsh spRiNg frost between my toes.
One last look upwards, tRyiNg to couNt the layers in the daRk jeweled sea. WishiNg that I could be up there soaring.
Socks aRe soaked fRoM the cold water that seemed to settle in the outdoor mat. Reality kicks in to tell me that it's freezing outside. My gaRdeN paRty will have to wait for aNotHeR tiMe.
For now I can at least dReAm aMoNgst the stars each night. For that is what i'm tRuly grateful for the most. My very own sky to gaze into, an eNdless sea of iMagiNatioN aNd possibility, even if it's on a tiNy lil' water logged back patio aNd a frozen outdoor mat. ~aRt jourNal of Poetic GaRdeN