Thursday, April 14, 2011

aRt in Review

deSigN #126 faiRy Blossom Delight
coMe fly away high above the tree tops where the faiRies fly all day
coMe away with me and dReAm of a place far far away
blossoms as big as candied apples as far as the eye can see
coMe dReAm a little dReAm aNd fly away with me...

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
Original Issued Date: June, 2010
K&Company Candied Baubles & 3D SpRiNg Baby Bugs
Prima Flower Collections
Bear by Stacey Ninberg Taylor~faiRy embellishments by Poetic GaRdeN

aRtist jourNal MeaNiNg
I stuMbled upon a site I had oNce discovered before but forgot about aNd how I caMe upon the site again was a miracle in itself. You see at that particular tiMe in my life I was goiNg through a growing period within my soul. Struggling with so maNy eMotioNs, not really knowing what I was searching for but knew my spiRit was aching for coNtiNued iNpiRatioN aNd cReAtivity. There I was oNe night not beiNg able to sleep as usual aNd the forces of nature took me back to a place I oNce had been before but coMpletely forgotten about. FiNdiNg Pixie Hollow was iMpoRtaNt for me not oNly for iNspiRatioN but a child like woNdeR of a place wHeRe I could step into a woRld that my soul dReAms of everyday aNd tRuly believes in. A place wHeRe I could iMagiNe my soul to live aNd be...

Flying fRoM oNe Cherry Blossom bRaNch to the next, sitting aNd visiting with other faiRies. As the sweet smell of nectar fills the air, sparkly new buMble bees aNd butterflies emerge fRoM a loNg wiNteRs nap.
Like a spiRit that is forever evolving fRoM oNe stage to the next, evolving into a new jourNey, a woRld of beauty aNd self discovery. I knew my spiRit had blossomed oNce again aNd fouNd myself filled with such gratitude of what a new season of life can bRiNg.