Tuesday, April 26, 2011

aRt in Review

oNe of the veRy fiRst aRt Pieces I ever did, still does not have a nuMbeR issued to it aNd it is the oNly aRt Piece I kept out of the eNtiRe collection.
It reMiNded me of a period I was oNce goiNg through. Uncertain of myself, uncertain of my abilities. FeeliNg absolutely volnarable to what the woRld might tHiNk.
I wRote a poem to this aRt Piece, but i'm afraid that it's tucked away aNd I always believe that tHiNgs stay tucked away for a reason.
In the poem it expressed my sadness that no oNe tRuly believed. Yet after gettiNg the poem down on paper, I realized that it was me that didN't believe. Taking soMe tiMe to get over my fear, I decided to let go aNd just tRust in liViNg moRe. To not hold back on what I believe in... to cReAte this piece.
Taking what I learned fRoM my gRaNdMotHeR, I felt compelled to staRt showing to the woRld a small glimpse of how I see Life.
Slowly to eMeRge fRoM the daRkNess, realizing that sHaRiNg my woRld with others is a paRt of liViNg, it's a paRt of giving aNd expeRieNciNg life.
I keep this aRt Piece as a reMiNdeR of so maNy tHiNgs in my life but most of all a reMiNdeR to stay believing in myself.

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