Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

I saw this quote the other day while woRkiNg in oNe of my iNteRnet gaRdeNs (Facebook)
GoiNg through soMe huge gRowiNg pains recently, I fouNd myself returning to this quote.

"The PURPOSE of life is to discover your gift. The MEANING of life is to give it away."

BeiNg held captive to what I was readiNg, I slowly began to siNk into each woRd written aNd woNdeR how it applies to me.
Trusting in my Heavenly Father moRe tHaN ever on my 'Life's JourNey' I have faced a lot of challenges that have tested my faith. At tiMes feeliNg so bRoKeN with my wiNgs, struggling to fly. What I realized is that I forgot to believe in myself, which soMetiMes takes a lot of eNduRaNce aNd courage. To tRuly followiNg my heart aNd not be afRaid... lettiNg go aNd tRust in the discovering process of knowing who I AM... Faith in ME.
Learning that if I didN't believe in myself, that's wHeN I noticed I was no loNgeR flyiNg. A paRt of believing in myself means that I have to give of my taleNts aNd not be scared. I tHiNk oNe of the gifts I am discovering about flyiNg is that it iNspiRes me to not be so afRaid of what the woRld might tHiNk, that soMetiMes lettiNg go of soMetHiNg means you aRe williNg to sacrifice for soMeoNe elses needs through the gifts we aRe given by Heavenly Father in short our (natural taleNts.)

And through that process...
fiNdiNg out that the meaNiNg of life is to give towards others aNd there you will fiNd your greatest gift of all