Sunday, April 24, 2011

MoMeNt in tiMe

Ok this is 4 tiMes now that I have tRied wRitiNg about my Easter WeekeNd with my kids. This will probably eNd up beiNg the 5th atteMpt of docuMeNtiNg this paRt of my jourNey on blogger. None the less I feel a bit out of sorts with my woRds. Pressuring myself to jourNal about soMetHiNg so that I could get soMe of what i've been feeliNg out. FiNdiNg aNy music to help express how I feel.
GoiNg through the iMages aNd viewing the pictures that we took at RaiNbow GaRdeNs; I kept fiNdiNg myself stuMbliNg for woRds to wRite or say. DeletiNg over aNd over again. SearchiNg for a soNg aNy soNg just soMetHiNg that can help me say what I waNt to say.
I just wRote a whole paragraph of David Gilmour's Lyrics to the soNg 'Smile' oNce again deleting the woRds. I know there is a reason why I keep repeating this paRticulaR soNg but I caN't coMpletely figuRiNg it out yet.

I tHiNk my kids were embarrassed to be seen with me at tiMes... but we had so much fun aNd it was great to see tHeM sMile. I was like a kid in a caNdy stoRe, there were so maNy tHiNgs to look at. tRyiNg to take in every moMeNt I possibly could. ReMiNisciNg on the very fiRst tiMe I visited this particular gaRdeN with tHeM. Would everything be exactly how I iMagiNed it to be?
As the days aNd seasons past, it was all I could do to day dReAm of a moMeNt in tiMe like this but never did I iMagiNe that it would happen so quick or fall on Easter Weekend, of all days out of the year.
I tRied every which way to analyze aNd aRticulate, fiNdiNg myself balaNciNg out a new layer of my 'Life's JourNey'
LookiNg back to what I had just receNtly goNe through in my life, I realized how much I had not been forgotten by my Heavenly Father aNd how much he never let go of me. He knew how iMpoRtaNt it was to my heart aNd how much my spiRit dReAmt of this day. He gave me the courage to not give up, gave me stReNgth in my wiNgs that I didN't know I had aNd the ability to eNduRe aNd to him I am tRuly grateful for the sacrifices he made for me.
Still stRuggliNg to fiNd all the woRds, I keep hearing an old sayiNg, "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever..."
Happy Easter to my woNdeRful kids aNd tHaNks for lettiNg me be your MoM

tHaNk You, for helping me make a dReAm coMe tRue with my kids. An Easter WeekeNd I will never forget.