Wednesday, August 3, 2011

aRt in Review

"Grateful for tHe lil' tHiNgs that neVer seem to go aWay, tHe oNes that aRe loyal that neVer seem to fade. They're wHeN YOU need tHeM aNd neVer break stride, tHe oNes that liVe deep iNdside. WoRds not often spoken that can iMpact a life, yet forgotten so maNy tiMes. When we need tHeM tHe most, they soMehow appear reMiNdiNg us of tHe siMple tHiNgs we hold dear..."

oNe of tHe fiRst oRigiNals cReAted fRoM tHe 'Life's JourNey' liNe. A peRsoNal faVoRite, as I began to let go aNd tRust iN me moRe. I recall exactly wHeRe I was aNd how I was feeliNg at this moMeNt iN tiMe. MissiNg fragile pieces, loNgiNg for loVed oNes, fiNdiNg a way to express what my heart was tRuly feeliNg iNside.
HappiNess iN meMoRies that coMfoRt, while seekiNg Joy iN daily life to make us grow stRoNgeR aNd press foRwArd. A tiMe that tRuly tested my faith aNd eNduRaNce, neVer to giVe up aNd to coNstaNtly fiNd hope through woRds of MotHeR NatuRe aNd tHe aRt that's iMpRiNted oN my heart.

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
deSigN #110 'Grateful'
Original Issued Date: April '2010
*PeRsoNal Dedication
Poetic GaRdeN faiRy StoNes~ tiMeless woRds
MakiNg MeMoRies {Note WoRthy} Brads
PriMa floWeRs