Saturday, July 30, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

it's a day late aNd a dollar short... my biRthday, that is ~lol. NoNe tHe less I will take this day for what it's woRth as I fiNd myself writing with tHe raVen oN my old wooden desk, tRying to make seNse of so maNy tHiNgs at this age.
{tHe MoMe Raths sigN says, "we aRe not to know eVeRy twist aNd tuRn of life..." Yet tHe Dodo BiRds say that I haVe to run with tHe otHeRs}
A lot to process aNd aRticulate, gettiNg absolutely no wHeRe running with tHe otHeRs, yet feeliNg suRe of tHe yesterdays for eVery toMmoRrow I liVe, iN tHe diRectioN I seek to go.
Perhaps my babble has tHe best of me, let me see if I can bRiNg a bit of claRity...

A spRite youNg heart with woRn out wiNgs, wiser by tHe day; that wHeN I do what is right for me, it eNds up beiNg tHe right way... to what it is I aM searching for.
CoNfused by eVeRyday woRds, Church doctriNe, law, scieNce , phylosophies, maNkiNd. So quick to waNt to coNfoRm my ideNtity.
{Ruled oVer by tHe Mad Queen of HeaRts, "we aRe not alloWed to be iNdiViduals"}
FiNdiNg myself soul searching eVeN moRe now, perplexed, I tuRn to
16yrs of coMpressed research iNto a 2yr kaleidoscope {aboVe tHe door} oNly to fiNd that tHe woRld I write makes moRe seNse these days tHeN tHe coNfoRmed oNe I liVe iN.
An opportunity to follow my oWn heart aNd do what is right for me.
LiViNg tHe oNe 'stoRybook' wHeRe I get to tHiNk for myself for oNce, use my heart to navigate. Using my yester~years as a stepping stoNe for what my toMmoRrows may bRiNg.
A new seNse of faith, a whim, doesN't matter, it feels all tHe saMe.
RealiziNg that I neVer missed tHe boat iN life after all.
IM right wHeRe I should be... flippiNg through tHe pages already written. Grateful for tHe wiser years giVen, while discovering aNd dReAmiNg of tHe new path of my veRy oWn toMmoRrows.

aRt JourNal of