Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Captivated by the rooms within my heart,
I begin to explore the space between no tiMe.
Heartbroken yet loNgiNg to know moRe, placiNg eVeRy piece iN plainview.
Perched with my aRms wide open hopiNg to balaNce oN aNy ouNce of wiNd...
Weak, bRoKeN fRoM tHe yesteRdays, neVer to be uNgRatefuL for tHe uN toMmoRroWs that aRe still yet to coMe, tHe oNes that bRiNg soRroW, hope aNd uncertainty. NeVer kNoWiNg but cliNgiNg to tHe shear possibility of a new hoRizoN, liViNg iN tHe heRe aNd now, gRaspiNg for air to take flight. Butterflies stRiNg my wiNgs as I soar harmoniously within each breeze, haViNg faith iN the tReAsuRes I haVe yet to exploRe within tHe dReAms of my miNd
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