Sunday, August 14, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

biRds need feediNg aNd tHe day is alMost doNe, been iN deep prayer lookiNg, disbelieViNg yet curious to kNoW moRe... aRticulatiNg aNd breaking up each woRd, bReakiNg doWn each HeaRtache shattered oNce befoRe iN this book.
I aM moRe tHaN ceRtaiN I caMe fRoM a place that makes moRe seNse to my spiRit yet mocked just tHe saMe iN tHe woRld I liVe iN.
Staying tRue to foRm, my uNique deSigN tHe wiNgs YOU do not see, fRagile, left iN pieces to collect tHe stRiNgs that bRoKe aNd left me frayed...

Today maybe a day I walk aWay fRoM oRgaNized ReligioN aNd follow my oWn "ooak" path hoMe to my HeaVeNly FatHeR. I kNoW he loVes me, tHe issue all my life is accepting aNd loViNg ME. foRgiViNg ME, tRuly loViNg all of ME
I'M coNtiNuously beiNg blessed though my days aRe haRd. For eVeRy step foRwaRd, he tRuly listeNs fRoM tHe HeaRt.
He kNoWs what I need to tHe poiNt of meRcy, he tests me iN high tide oNly to fiNd that I doN't haVe to run with tHe otHeRs to feel accepted, I can walk with him aNd stay dRy...
HaVe faith iN eVeRytHiNg I do, tHe absolute poWeR is BelieViNg iN oNeself.
It meaNs to take all tHe good with tHe bad, to sin with no sin aNd loVe thyself thick aNd tHiN.
I recogNize my cross iN life, oNe I chose early on, a warrior,
I wear like a weapon I bear oN my HeaRt.

Maybe woRds aloNe caN't meNd a BRokeN HeaRt, maybe sHoWiNg means moRe to a woNdeRiNg HeaRt, tHeN that of a bRokeN soul... LoVe!

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