Saturday, January 21, 2012


i'M iN for a wHile, your welcoMe to haVe a look aRouNd tHe gaRdeN is tHe {maiN} blog for tHe Poetic GaRdeN website feAtuRiNg aRt WoRk, news~updates, NoN~pRofit, gaRdeN tips, deSigN, nutrition, education aNd moRe... is oNe of tHe oRigiNal pRoductioN aNd aRt Gallery blogs sHoWiNg tHe 'ooak' aRt WoRk through aN aRtist uNique 3~diMeNsioNal poiNt of view is tHe main website feAtuRiNg tHe
Life's JourNey StoRyBook Pages aNd LiNe, LaNdscapiNg aNd NoN~pRofit NeRvous System Disease Awareness 
jourNal aNd Medical Research blog for education aNd NoN~pRofit

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Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours aNd may tHe wiNteR seAsoN 
fiNd YOU cozy aNd iN peAce