Monday, January 2, 2012


caMe fRoM tHe daRk with a bRoKeN HeArt yet He loVes Me just tHe saMe
wiped my teArs took my feArs aNd held tHeM to tHe rain
gaVe Me stReNgth iN tiMe of need aNd washed aWay my paiN
He boRe my siNs so I could liVe aNd gaVe Me life to bReAth
unresolved I seArch my HeArt to feel tHat loVe agaiN
of aN iMage made just like miNe, a sacrifice so I could liVe
wHat loVe would do such a tHiNg with no coNditioNs or blaMe
a seArch tHat will foReVer last witHiN my HeArt iN tHaNkiNg hiM for wHat He did
A gift of {LoVe} He giVes to Me cHeRish faith iN all my dReAms
aNd to kNoW tHat He tRuly liVes...

to a NeW YeAr of Life, LoVe, PeAce, Hope aNd DreAms

Greeting CaRd copyrights of aNd associated archives
dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be