Sunday, February 23, 2014

oRigiNal {Faith}

wHat tHe LDS Church fails to recognize, is tHat a lot of tHe Lost tRibe MeMbeRs weRe not running fRoM feAr or split aWay because tHey did not BelieVe. tHey weRe leAviNg fRoM a fallen aNd corrupt peRiod of tiMe wHeRe Religion aNd old Government would not take oWneRsHip of tHeiR internal admitted cRiMes aNd siNs oN tHose tHat were persecuted for tHeiR oRigiNal {faith} in God or discriminated against, tHeRefoRe not all wHo split fRoM tHe main pack weRe cast out oR foRgotteN. tHey had becoMe displaced because of deNied wickedNess tHat was beiNg coVeRed up oN all leVels UpoN tHe eArth both by all Church aNd Government. It states iN tHe last days tHat a 'seperate woRtHy bRaNch' of God would rise up UpoN tHe eArth. Still tHougH eVeN today, tHe system is so manipulated, fRoM local Church t.v. stations, to news aNd local Government for tHe saMe reAsoN, tHey waNt YOU to bear their siNs so it leAves uNaccouNtability oN tHeiR oWn acknowledged "fallen state" aNd cRiMiNal iNteNt to DO haRm. I kNoW tHis to BE tRue because I aM sloWly recovering out of LDS toRtuRe aNd abuse through Church aNd State aNd old ex lineage. "your foRgiVeN aNd fRee, kAtiE aNd YES wHat has happened to YOU is wRoNg, but WE will not help YOU obtain coMplete Justice because our LDS Religion ran Government, caN't paRticipate iN our oWn cRiMes" So to eVeRyoNe out tHeRe reAdiNg tHis... doN't eVer, eVeR BelieVe iN aNy Religion tHat adMits to cRiMe aNd wHo foRces YOU through toRtuRe to choose Religion over basic HuMaN Civil Disability Rights or your God giVen right to Medicine! 
 kNoW tHe hidden tRutHs aNd stoRies tHat were kept out of all scripture! 
 aRtist aNd activist
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