Tuesday, January 4, 2011


oNe of my foNdest meMoRies this past year was meeting a woman that I had known for soMetiMe oNliNe but never had the cHaNce to meet in peRsoN. Summer caMe aNd was given the oppoRtuNity to meet Crystal in peRsoN.
A connection we iNstaNtly had prior to meeting was oNe that is noRmally disregarded as beiNg real.
Discovering the beauty in Magical iNspiRatioN that is so often overlooked or perhaps not tRuly believed in, soMetHiNg that the soul teNds to loNg for...

the Power of dReAmiNg

A small package arrived on my doorstep oNe day aNd in it was soMetHiNg so special. A beautiful figurine of a faiRy but what was moRe special was the feeliNg and true meaNiNg behiNd the gift Crystal had given to me. A caRiNg reMiNdeR that what my soul tRuly believes in was beiNg adMiRed aNd respected just the saMe. That dReAms really do coMe true if you never stop believing.

I place my faiRy in the wiNdow seal as a coMfoRtiNg reassurance that as I wake each moRniNg she iNspiRes me to cReAte aNd wHeN I rest my weary head at night she is there to coMfoRt me within my dReAms. Most of all I know that a new fouNd fRieNd I met aloNg the way this past year, holds dearly in her heart the saMe as I do...
that 'In oRdeR to LiVe you must be dReAmiNg'

tHaNk You, Crystal for the gift you gave to me, knowing that otHeRs believe too.