Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HuMbliNg MoMeNts

I fiNd myself staRtiNg off the New Year with a seNse of calm, peace aNd fiNdiNg my days eNdiNg with pRayeRs of gratitude. Not to say that I have not strived for that for soMetiMe now but moRe in the seNse of peRsoNal growth within the soul. Noticing even the tiNiest bits of blessiNgs aloNg my life's jourNey.
Lately in my prayers i've been loNgiNg to feel the earth again within my haNds aNd be out with MotHeR NatuRe in talkiNg with her. Missing soMe of my Horticulture Books that aRe in teMpoRaRy stoRage, reminiscing through the laNdscapiNg woRk i've cReAted for others in years past or tuRniNg the pages of my plaNt jourNals I would hold all my visions aNd dReAms in for a new gaRdeN for the faiRies to call hoMe. LoNgiNg for that side of my soul to be fed again.
ReceNtly I was introduced to a place called in short the 'duMpster mall' aka Dufort Mall in Idaho, a comical naMe to say the least but I was quickly huMbled by what I had discovered there. A place where people can bRiNg their peRsoNal items aNd leave tHeM for others to take for free rather tHaN throwing tHeM away. As I quickly looked through the liMited iteMs on display, there in an old shoebox were books. I couldN't believe what my eyes were seeing. Seven educational books on Plant Science, Biology, Pathology, Plant Propagation, Herbs, Chemistry aNd Living Organisms. My heart was overwhelmed in what I had stuMbled on aNd the ironic relation it had to my most recent prayers.
When I am in a better position to go back to school to woRk on a peRsoNal goal of beiNg a Botanist, there is notHiNg stopping me fRoM teaching myself moRe of what I love by reading fRoM the siMplicity of pages. The cHaNces for those books beiNg there at that moMeNt in tiMe, to me were notHiNg less than that of tiNy miracle to soMe but a big miracle to me. God knew what my heart has been yearning for aNd there is no doubt in my miNd he has been hearing my prayers. I am so grateful to that peRsoN who left these books beHiNd for me to fiNd. I am tRuly huMbled by the power of what prayer can bRiNg aNd am so tHaNkful for the gifts God has given to me.
~Blessed Be fRoM Poetic GaRdeN