Thursday, January 13, 2011

tHaNk You

I have been blessed to get to know a dear fRieNd a few years ago aNd refer to as my
adoptive 'Heavenly Sister' soMeoNe who caMe aloNg my life's path wHeN I needed it the most duRiNg a particularly haRd tiMe. Who helped me realize soMetHiNg so precious about myself aNd helped me regain a part of me that had been lost for so loNg within my heart which is my relationship with God.
A very taleNted aRtist iNdeed aNd am fortunate to be able to be given the opportunity to use soMe of her woNdeRful aNd intricate eMbellisHmeNts in my aRt WoRk.
tHaNk You, August for dReAmiNg up this beautiful 'Snow faiRy' aNd Teresa for that sweet little nudge of passing forward a gift of love to my dear faiRy fRieNd.

~May faiRy BlessiNgs always fiNd you dReAmiNg aNd leave footpRiNts witHiN your heart