Thursday, August 12, 2010

BeHiNd the aRt

I was asked how my cReAtioNs all staRted aNd until now to aRticulate where my style has oRigiNated fRoM would have been a challenge to say the least aNd owe it all to puRe gRowth aNd life expeRieNces.
I was 3yrs. old wHeN I visited DisNeylaNd for the fiRst tiMe. I reMeMbeR the 'Alice in WoNdeRlaNd' tEa cup ride aNd her stoRy that would foReveR be iMpRiNted in my miNd but never did I iMagiNe the impact it would have on my soul aNd how it would bRiNg me absolute validation aNd coMfoRt to my life's jourNey soMeday.

GrowiNg up I expeRieNced tHiNgs that most would siMply laugh at or disRegaRd as puRe iMagiNatioN. I on the other haNd knew that what I expeRieNced early on in my life was real but never did I tHiNk that it would oNe day help me develop my skills into where I am today. I knew I looked at the woRld coMpletely diffeReNt aNd still do. A woRld of noNseNse to most has become a woRld of woNdeR aNd self discovery for me.
It's the oNly way I feel that I am liviNg aNd can tRuly love myself aNd just be.

tiMe speNt at my gRaNdmotHeRs house aNd in her modest little gaRdeN brought out my tRue expRessioN aNd wHeRe I was able to just let go aNd feel safe to iMagiNe what my soul loNged for. I absorbed MotHeR NatuRe like a spoNge, soakiNg up every color every texture aNd layer. The smell of boxwoods liNed up on my gRaNdmotHeRs back porch, strawberries gRowiNg wild everywhere aNd gRaNny sMith apple trees that I would climb fRoM bRaNch to bRaNch, would iNhaNce the woRld I most felt coMfoRtable in.
The look she would always give me was that of puRe love aNd acceptaNce of beiNg a free spiRited iNdividual.
As I grew older I struggled to fit into a society wHeRe there was no room for me to express what made seNse. What was instilled in me early on had slowly left aNd so did my ideNtity of who I was. FeeliNg absolutely lost I through myself into whatever I could get my haNds on in oRdeR to self express what my heart loNged for, what I missed.
An eNviRoNmeNt of peace, beauty aNd love. A woRld of self discovery, of eNdless cReAtivity with no rules, liNes or restRictioNs. To escape fRoM a place that made no seNse to me into a woRld that made me feel alive.
With age caMe gRowth aNd with gRowth gave me the coNfideNce to rediscover my iNdividuality. WritiNg aNd Art eveNtually tuRned into years of sHaRiNg meMoRies fRoM Floral DesigN to LaNdscapiNg. bRiNgiNg to life the woRld as I see it witHin my heart into aRt pieces that could be captuRed for all to expeRieNce what I see aNd feel.

GoiNg to the beat of my own dRuM has not coMe without maNy sacRifices though or haRsh judgiNg fRom a society that can soMetiMes overlook the power of bRiNgiNg to life the iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg. Walt DisNey gave me the coNfideNce to exploRe aNd sHaRe what I believe... 'In oRdeR to live you must be dReAmiNg' it is paRt of beiNg huMaN. It allows us to feel aNd discover our iNdividual taleNts aNd what we can offer in the woRld that soMetiMes is filled with noNseNse.
Hence the naMe Poetic GaRdeN a life's jourNey of Magical Poetry in a gaRdeN filled with woNdeR just like Alice's woRld.
I AM ME, I AM diffeReNt, I AM beautiful aNd though often aRe not seen, I have wiNgs to soar with aNd the COURAGE to dReAm aNd waNt my cHildReN to gRoW up kNowiNg the iMpoRtaNce to not be afraid of self expression, it's a paRt of who we aRe ~kAtiE fRoM (aRt woRk at: