Saturday, October 12, 2013

aRt iN Review

I will alWays cHeRisH aNd LoVe foReVeRmoRe

deSigN #150 'cHeRisHed' 

 As I gRoW aNd discoVeR new tHiNgs oN my jourNey. I'm reAliziNg tHat I AM developiNg a seNse to be eVeN closer to my Savior.  FiNdiNg PeAce aNd coMfoRt iN wHat I AM leaRniNg aNd how it can be applied toWaRds my peRsoNal Life's JourNey.
HaViNg a seNse of wHat I will cReAte fRoM oNe aRt Piece to tHe next, i'M dRaWn to makiNg pieces tHat bRiNg to full ciRcle wHat I AM feeliNg coMpelled to do aNd to express tHrougH my aRt of how BeAutiFuL self discoVeRy can be.
I kNeW I waNted to sHaRe my gRatitude aNd tHaNks to wHat my LoRd aNd SaVioR has giVen to me.  In tHe pRocess reAliziNg tHat I AM beiNg taught lessoNs at tHe saMe tiMe.
As I began to put the color pallet together, I had no idea wHat was to be expressed or wRitteN.  I kNeW I waNted to use tHe 'CheRish' eMbellisHmeNt syMboliziNg all tHe tHiNgs tHat bRiNg me PeAce.  My ChildReN, my faiRies... aka aNgels, MotHeR NatuRe, tHose wHo watch oVeR me aNd tHe new relationship I AM developiNg with LoRd aNd SaVior, my LoVe, my all my eVeRytHiNg...  eVeRmoRe

I stuMbled upon a scriptuRe receNtly - RoMaNs 15:4
For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have {hope}  KJV

wHeN I reAd tHis scRiptuRe, tHe woRd eNduRaNce stood out aNd reAlized tHat as with gRoWtH coMes cHaNge aNd it may not be easy.  But if I eNduRe aNd stick to my belief of wHat bRiNgs me PeAce aNd coMfoRt oN my jourNey, tHeN not oNly will I be loViNg myself siNceRely but haVe {hope} tHat oNe day wHat I cReAte will bRiNg PeAce oN EaRth


GiViNg of our taleNts meAns tHat WE caRe not of success or weAltH but ratHeR giVe tHaNks to tHose wHo iNspiRe us to achieVe.

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk- Sold oRigiNal aNd aRcHiVed
Dedicated to my Children, my faiRies, MotHeR NatuRe aNd my LoVe
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