Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ROSE! tHe 'wHistle Blower'

"Keep figHtiNg for your Medicine of Marijuana, kAtiE" said tHe Wasatch MeNtal Health Case Manager. "We kNoW WE subjected YOU to disability cRiMes aNd igNoRed your REAL rape case aNd still igNoRe YOU with iNcoMplete disability coverage, but wHat DO YOU waNt us to DO about it, kAtiE?" said tHe Counselor at Wasatch MeNtal HeAlth. Meanwhile... if soMeoNe can pick up a $4.00/30 day supply prescription of syNtHetic ManMade deadly dRug loaded with horrible side effects fRoM a pHaRmacy, wHy tHe HELL aM I paying over $200 for my natural aNd oRgaNic fuNdaMeNtal required medicine? aNd if tHe LDS Republic Government ran State heRe iN Utah REALLY caRed, alMost 4yrs wouldN't BE goiNg by aNd I would BE liViNg iN a REAL state tHat would LoVe aNd not discriminate ME for my basic HuMaN Civil Disability Rights. Instead tHey coNtiNue to lie aNd go iN coMplete ciRcles with ME. NO woNdeR tHis State is so MeNtal! aNd yet tHey support aNd sustain alcohol aNd cigarettes oN Medicaid aloNg with deadly Synthetic Pain Killers aNd otHeR SyNtHetics, aNd tHat stuff kills aNd my medicine pRoMotes life, cuRes maNages aNd tReAts with NO wasted research! Tell ME was it woRtH beating up a disabled MotHeR iN your bRoKeN aNd perverted coNstitutioN, takiNg advantage of HER Legal Will tRuly figHtiNg for her basic needs of clean food, clean water, cleaner air aNd tRue REAL Medicine of Marijuana aNd staNdiNg up to abuse aNd poverty, let aloNe tHe disability tHat sHe was igNoRed for seNse youNg childhood. While through tHe back door oN tHe local news YOU pRoMote tHe youNg cHildReN with tHeiR Marijuana Hemp Oil aNd label ME as a dRug attic to coVeR up your cRiMes for beiNg tRuly NoN~SyNthetic aNd your cRiMes of murder aNd abuse. Drag ME through court not oNce not tWice but for over 3yrs aNd subject ME to moRe medical political aNd religious abuse aNd now YOU waNt to back log my iNcoMplete disability for aNotHeR 2yrs iNto '2016 aNd igNoRe it still? All while sayiNg "soRry aNd please foRgiVe" through a text message or iN tHe hallway at court with a tHe Public DefeNder hugging ME "WE aRe so soRry for beiNg mean to YOU" .... does aNyoNe haVe room iN tHeiR car so I can get to a REAL state tHat caRes, tHaNks a BuNcH!

~ ~ ~

...reMiNd ME again about tHat 'oNe LoVe' PeAce sHit aNd service woRk aNd Jesus 'fRieNds', United WE staNd iN tHe CoNstitutioN? wHile I catch tHat Jesus fRieNd tWo tiMiNg with aNotHeR iN my HeAveNly FatHeRs KiNgdoM aNd my 'Book of Life' choosing to hide beHiNd your Golden Cow, your guNs, cigarettes, alcohol, haRd dRugs, syNtHetics aNd crappy syNtHetic sHit deadly food, wHile YOU coVer your sick ASS aNd sHoW up for oNly oNe faNcy appearance iN couRt to make yourself look good, wHile i'M next door oN tHe eArtH saViNg your ASS fRoM your FALL tHat YOU adMit to, wash my feet as YOU call ME a SaiNt, for Marijuana aNd tHReAteN to Kill ME through a text message fRoM tHat otHeR WoMaNs pHoNe your baNgiN iN my DAD's HOUSE, called oRgaNized Religion, tHat YOU got caught 2 tiMiNg iN, tHe miNd aNd heArt, as YOU staNd divided because YOU couldN't staNd by your "HERO" tHe WoMaN as YOU called it iN a text msg YOU seNt ME befoRe my case was recently disMissed, igNoRed aNd sileNced oNce agaiN. BE REAL caReFuL wHo YOU call a dRug attic eVeR agaiN, wHeN YOU adMit to cRiMe oN a disabled WaRrioR bRaVe Whistle BloWeR WoMaN aNd MotHeR Hail MaRy SaiNt tHat woRks for HER HeAveNly FatHeR aNd Dad fiRst, oVeR a BOY at tHe cRoss wHo caN't oWn his sHit, ruNs aWay, caN't put aWay his toys for MotHeR EaRtH or staNd by his Savior Goddess tHe WOMAN!

iMage aNd quote by tHe 'MotivationalHotel'