Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lil' biRdie told me

...a Lil' biRdie told me that my soul is like a tree. If I stretch my bRaNches out wide enough tHeN the eNeRgies I desire to have on my life's journey will present themselves.
I recently met a new fRieNd through Facebook that took to my aRt WoRk. But at the eNd of the day, it was me that adMiRed her for her iNdepeNdeNce aNd stReNgth.
I doN't often do Special Orders but wHeN soMetHiNg tugs at my soul, there is a moMeNt in life that presents itself to do so.
A day at Laguna Beach, we explored the Southern California culture, good food, the people, a variety of aRt aNd of course the beach. But most of all, I ended the day feeling a bit stRoNgeR about who I am as an individual. I normally wouldN't explore or put myself out there in life as I did. But my spirit weNt back to that thought process of spreading my bRaNches aNd see what happens. A life experience taught me that my soul coNstaNtly needs to be takiNg flight in order to live.
Ann reMiNded me how stRoNg I am as in individual which I doN't often reMiNd myself of. Sure there aRe surface stReNgths I see but it's the core that I so often forget to feed. You can tell the age of a tree by counting the amount of riNgs it has inside. Each line represents a layer of growth aNd with growth new bRaNches emerge.
A tree not oNly syMbolizes life but it also attracts growth. I spread my bRaNches aNd in turn was iNspiRed by a new fRieNdship to fly even more on my jourNey in life.
A taleNted aRtist aNd painter, Ann fRoM presented to me a few keepsakes of hers aNd asked if I would incorporate tHeM into the aRt WoRk. Leaving an eMpty spot in the ceNter to place a special memory which symbolizes the forever evolving door of Alice in WoNdeRlaNds life of 'Through the LookiNg Glass'
I used her haNd paiNted Butterfly, an embossed Sea Blue embellished aRt Piece, feathers fRoM her blessed lil' birdies Peepers aNd Munchkin, a Sunflower to represent light aNd joy that her furry fRieNds bRiNg to her world. Shades of blue that represent the sky aNd the eNdless possibilities to explore aNd grow within the soul. tHaNk You, Ann for iNspiRiNg me to have the confidence to fly even moRe in my