Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetic GaRdeN Poetry


Heaven is a woRd so often used but what does it mean to the common soul like you?
Can it be a place of peace a place that you dReAm of a place that takes your bReAth away aNd leaves you huMbled with grace?
Does it sileNce your heartache aNd answer your prayers, coMfoRt you aNd leave you waNtiNg moRe?
Would you pause for oNe secoNd oNe moMeNt in tiMe to consider the thought that Heaven could be within your own soul aNd miNd?
Heaven on earth is not impossible to achieve it's a way of thiNkiNg a way to believe.
Have you ever tRied soariNg with wiNgs you have but you cannot see?
A Heaven on Earth if you just believe...
Touch every plaNt every blade of grass, breath the aiR in as if it was your last.
LookiNg at life of what we know it to be aNd within our individual souls, just believe...

poem copyrights of (image by Angels Greetings)