Thursday, December 12, 2013

EncHaNted faiRy dReAms

deSigN #143
'EncHaNted faiRy DreAms'
2.5 x3.5 ACEO Artistry Collectors CaRd

As sHe beckoned to my calls I suRreNder to tHe Beauty tHat was before me. 
Softly spoken were her woRds…
WitHiN your HeaRt keep oNe, still, secret spot wHeRe dReaMs may go
Where all of Gods Creatures liVe aMoNgst tHe foRest iN a harmony of nature’s music
There hidden is tHe precious magic that you haVe had all aloNg within your soul
Believe in all tHiNgs that bRiNg Peace and Harmony
Give your worries to tHe secrets of tHe night, rest your weary miNd
and trust in your ability to take flight
and follow the EncHaNted Path to your DreaMs End...

No Religion or Government shall take possession of my spiRit, I AM my oWn leAder.  
It is I wHo haVe sat oN my HeAveNly FatHeRs lap {ReAdiNg} my dReAms, 
weepiNg as a 'Child of God' wHo has been bruised aNd kissed by tHe Son. wHo walks 
iN oRigiNal Truth {LoVe} Light aNd conviction to tHe cReAtoR tHat made thy aRk.  
It is {eye} tHat seeks to return to wHat is true, no otHeR caN claiM
 tHis ooak 'Book of Life'  of Liberty, Freedom, Equality aNd Justice iN {LoVe}

copyrights of ~ aRcHiVed 
dedicated to my HeAVeNly FatHeR, my faiRies aNd my cHildReN