Thursday, April 17, 2014

Breaking tHe Silence!

tHis is tHe iMage aNd peRsoN tHat I caught tWo tiMiNg iN my FatHeRs KiNgdoM, I bow to NO LoRd aNd doN't wait oN tHe LoRd eitHeR! I haVe been permanently scarred, lied to aNd so tRauMatized fighting for my 'Book of Life' aNd literally protecting myself fRoM aN LDS ex MotHeRs lifelong Child Abuse aNd liViNg iN tHe paiNed daMage body all wHile defeNdiNg HuMaN Civil Disability Rights for tHe disabled aNd sick aNd abused aNd sHe got moRe pRotectioN tHeN I did eVeN though tHey kNeW I spoke tHe tRutH of tHe abuse! tHe System sat aNd watched it happen aNd didN't caRe! In fact your so bullied by a manipulative aNd narcissistic system heRe, tHat YOU becoMe a nuMbeR aNd tHey tRuly doN't caRe about basic HuMaN Rights. I was shown top to bottom how tHe peRveRted bRoKeN aNd fake system heRe is ran. It is tRue tHat tHe LDS Church aNd Government aNd tHe Men iN it, abuse aNd violate tHe laws aNd rights of WoMeN aNd Children, tHe poor aNd tHe disabled aNd tHey coNfess to it too. To heAr aNyMoRe tHat tHe LoRd Jesus died oN tHe cRoss for my SiNs, is bruising to my spiRit because tHeRe aRe maNy wHo took tHeiR oWn 'Purple Heart' cRoss aNd sacrificed iNcludiNg WOMEN aNd Children tHat paid for MANs SIN too, loNg befoRe tHis peRsoN caMe aloNg! Called tHe 'Lost tRibes' I woN't BE bullied to tHiNk otHeRwise eitHeR! It's wHat I haVe walked iN! It is my tRutH! I staNd at tHe Gate heRe iN Utah iN spiRit with my FatHeR aNd my Legal WILL, cHallaNgiNg tHe State to sHoW ME tHeiR oNe aNd oNly 'Golden Cow' tHey woRsHip aNd seRve because tHe oNe I was lead to BelieVe, ran off with my 10% tithing aNd double dipped! So YOU caN keep your diaMoNds, your silver, gold aNd teMples, Churches aNd Religion, because YOU failed to tRuly protect aNd defeNd aNd SEE HER tHe REAL WOMAN tHat tRuly LoVed aNd sacrificed aNd took tHe orphans haNd aNd failed to protect 'MotHeR EaRth' aNd HER people!
Activist aNd DefeNdeR for Human Civil Disability Rights