Saturday, April 19, 2014

WoMaN by Rite

tHey placed cHaiNs upon my soul aNd wHeN I awoke to wHat was to BE LoVe, pRoMised laNd, protection iN tHe CoNstitutioN aNd Human Civil Disability Rights aNd fReeiNg myself fRoM a lifeloNg environment of abuse of Political, Medical aNd Religious warfare iN my aRk aNd teMple; tHe State expected ME to bow doWn aNd seRve tHeiR LoRd to coVer up tHeiR cRiMes iN tHe 'Book of Life'... I reMeMbeR various paRts of old maNmade scripture, tHe paRt wHeRe WOMEN can obtain Goddess statehood iN both miNd body aNd spiRit aNd haVe a diRect liNk to HER Godhead w/out tHe need of tHe coRrupt MaN aNd Religion. sHe carries iN tHe womb of her HeArt, her oWn 'Holy Ghost' heRself fRoM child to WoMaNhood aNd MotHeRhood, of tHiNgs BeAutiFuL aNd iN LoVe. Yet wHeN sHe looks tHe bully iN tHe eye for HER rigHtFuL place upon tHe eArtH to plaNt aNd gRoW tHe seeds of new life, sHe is deNied, tossed aside aNd foRgotteN, HER dReAms stolen, ideas, goals, aNy kiNd of {Hope} is tuRned to saNd, trodden upon to build tHe MaN up aNd keep tHe WoMaN costaNtly at tHe footstool of sorrow aNd bRoKeN pRoMises aNd beiNg bullied. HeNce tHe process HER 'tRee of Life' is dyiNg 'MotHeR EaRth' A MotHeR Goddess. tHe saMe old maNmade scriptures aNd Government fall sHoRt iN lifting up tHe WOMAN aNd coNtiNue to sileNce HER voice aNd tHe lifelong abuse aNd sacrifice sHe has been lashed iN cHaiNs countless tiMes heRself at tHe cRoss for MaNs SIN upon her body, spiRit aNd eArth sHe holds iN her womb of her HeArt. No YOU will neVer foRget HER... tHat WOMAN, tHat cHild wHo had dReAms, tHe oNe barely meNtioNed throughout tiMe, tHe oNe tHat takes tHe cRoss with her every bReAtH. sHe will alWays BE fouNd iN KiNg Solomons {LoVe} soNg, but not all will SEE, for tHey aRe tHe oNe's now held iN boNdage for killiNg for tHe sake of greed for destroying Camelot for waNtiNg to destroy LOVE, ROSE, her jourNey to tRue fReedoM, a pRoMised laNd aNd life with a REAL tRue Purple HeArt KiNg! I AM a WOMAN by RITE! aNd a WOMAN I shall BE! ~wRitteN by