Monday, February 2, 2015

Stop Running!

soMetHiNg fishy went down with Wasatch Mental Health today, I guess YOU can say that the very system stood ME up, not the first tiMe this has happened... I feel another itch that needs to BE scratched. I can seNse their system running in circles again, particularly with the Public Housing aNd aNotHeR joy ride between the Landlords story aNd the Case Managers for laNd aNd a real HoMe. 
I was pressured oddly last Friday at the last minute with NO warning by Wasatch, that my Public Housing all of a sudden would expire by MoNday after I had been waiting through death aNd rebirth for so loNg aNd soMe how they found an apartment for ME. I could hear a bit of forcefulness aNd urgency behind the Case Mngr voice about this particularly apartment being available, pushing ME aNd forcing ME to take the deal, or as SHE put it "it's my only door, if YOU doN't take it YOU will loose Public Housing." First of all, how can I loose soMetHiNg that I never had to begin with aNd have spent about 7yrs waiting for? When I touched basis with the Landlord of an offer HE made over a year ago, it was the saMe ciRcle aNd joy ride that I was placed on this year oNly this tiMe the joy ride was doNe with the Case Managers driving ME through the route that my rapist Kent Jorgenson took ME on during the elections of Mitt Romney. The truck my Landlord drives aNd very land route HE proclaimed last year that HE had is the saMe circle aNd abuse they have had ME on, even before my case was dismissed aNd ignored, it's the saMe False Flag Jesus crooked system in Orem Utah that drove aNd attacked my Legal Will aNd Soul at being fully drunk aNd loaded with a gun. I questioned my Landlord this past year of his doing aNd or involvement with this murderous, torturous aNd criminal act with my Legal Will, seNse HE sat there creating ways to torture even more.  I AM not afraid to stand up to my landlord about this, I did once before aNd I know aNd sense HE is running fRoM my case, because HE knows I AM walking truth aNd it seemed to ME HE has been apart of this display the whole tiMe aNd has too ran his words into circles like Wasatch Mental Health has.  I look back the past two yrs aNd in that tiMe, it seems soMeoNe had placed a bid to torture ME further, hoping to steal my inherited rights aNd to not restore what was stolen fRoM my Legal Will. And for the years that I have sat here taking a beating loNg after the blood shed, not oNe person within the system would tell ME where my kids were at or if they aRe truly safe. To ME this is sick, pure evil deMeNted mental, spiritual aNd physical abuse with no moving on or closure or justice. 
I was robbed inside aNd out, mind body aNd spiRit aNd soMeoNe NEEDS to coMe forward today aNd start talking. This is beyond cruel aNd unusual torture aNd complete injustice to the mind body and spirit

#1 RULE, I doN't Believe anything that the Government tells ME, not even behind Wasatch Mental Health or Organized Religion. The person(s) running the system is a liar aNd it's starting to unravel on a mass scale because it's ME aNd 'WE THE PEOPLE' that HE aNd they aRe running fRoM. I AM not going to have an oath relationship with a false flag Jesus that is made up of a crooked sanitarium  or hidden gambling joint right here in Provo, Utah... PAY UP! YOU have nowhere to hide aNd I can feel aNd sense you running in the 'Book of Life'

Poeticgarden aka MotHeR aNd Warrior Activist claiming HER Legal Will