Friday, January 2, 2015


Introducing Art Creation 'Everlasting' 
where dReAms aRe born
HaNdMade ooak Paperbag Scrapbook

fiRst coMes the joy of discovery, then onto tHe journey to iMagiNe
because in order to truly live YOU must BE dReAmiNg...
tReAsuRe aNd journal even life's ordinary lil' tHiNgs
'post mark' your investment in sincere aNd loyal LoVe fRoM nourishing the baNk fRoM within
YOU never know when you're making a MeMoRy to celebrate, anew aNd begin
Dare to explore treasured meMoRies to stReNgtHeN tHe future, 
filing away the negative that serves no BeAutiFuL purpose 
tHeRe is plenty of space in tHe HeArt to plaNt new seeds 
of everlasting Life aNd TRUE everlasting LoVe... soMeoNe oNce said

6x6 Paper Bag Scrapbook
packed full of nooks aNd crannies to place photo aNd special collectable keepsakes in
adorned with charms, embellishments aNd floWeRs dipped in faiRy sparkles 

 dedication of talents to my Heavenly FatHeR 
aNd LoVes true kiss, my Children aNd my angel faiRies
for additional details of this ooak scrapbook discover on facebook 
 cReAtioN by Artist aNd Activist fRoM the House of Abraham  twitter/poeticfairy 

{heRes to breaking free, spreading my wiNgs, out of tHe darkness aNd into tHe sun}