Thursday, January 1, 2015

Enlightened New Year

I pray for this New Year to BE a year of bigger
spiritual enlightenment aNd coNtiNued kNoWledge aNd growth in LoVe
For MotHeR Earth aNd this Planet to BE blessed with less wars, aNd more sustainable growth in terms of clean water, cleaner food aNd safer aNd affordable access to natural fundamental medicine for ALL. An eNd to tHe 'False Flag' left right paradigms, I know this would help the mental state of mind of tHe nation aNd plaNet aNd ALL Lords aNd KiNgs of their laNd that truly have a Loyal aNd Sincere HeArt would agree. I pray for true, plain aNd simple precious ways of restoring healing, caring aNd nurturing our plaNets 'Tree of Life' aNd ooak HeArt.  Access to cool recycle aNd renewable affordable HoMes for those who aRe in need with no more excuses fRoM big Government of why WE caN't achieve this for WE THE PEOPLE
 but  soMeHow WE can surely afford to coNtiNue building aNd cReAtiNg what WE really doN't need. Our true HoMes aRe always in tHe HeArt but tHe HeArt of tHe HoMe also needs shelter aNd proper nourishment aNd WE can achieve better Mental Healthcare aNd lower poverty aNd less cRiMe by building less jeweled teMples aNd Church buildings aNd high eNd crooked government developments aNd seek after the true investment of taking those fuNds aNd sustaining the true teMple of the HeArt of tHe LaNd by ensuring tHe lives of otHeRs. 
WE THE PEOPLE aRe a teMple as a whole, it is our duty to will good for otHeRs to haVe a place to call HoMe as WE desire for our selves, to improve this state of mind WE must place our priorities to tHiNgs of nourishing everlasting nature.  For the amount of fuNds spent on oNe teMple 
or aNotHeR shopping mall, WE could BE providing affordable HoMes like the cool new ways of taking 'Shipping Containers' aNd turning tHeM into actual dwellings, in addition provide a gaRdeN to grow their mustard seed in.  For that matter transform in a mass simple scale of converting our hospitals and physician care into environments of realistic visions into action of organic natural and everlasting fundamental ways. what I like to call... 'It's tiMe to flip the system'

WE aRe here to thrive aNd prosper with nourishment aNd stReNgtH of a solid foundation.  
A temple for ALL of huManity to BE blessed uNdeR
a 'Tree of Life' that always begins with a HoMe, a fouNdatioN of everlasting BeAutiFuL resources that Heavenly FatHeR has blessed us with in his LoVe.  He has blessed us with BeAutiFuL aNd Resourceful cReAtiVe LoViNg miNds that our inherently crowned to us to iMagiNe aNd reinvent everlasting magical life.  Scale down of earthly production of waste aNd moRe recycle aNd renew of healthier products aNd resources.  Self reliant aNd self sustained of caring for our plaNet fRoM access to cleaner water, a cleaner food pyramid aNd a 'Golden Age' of real aNd true affordable Healthcare aNd WE surely need to work on including better eye aNd deNtal coverage for ALL!  It always puzzled ME why tHe Government doesn't coNsideR those important body parts to BE sustained as healthcare
WE THE PEOPLE need a place to call HoMe not 'tHiNgs' or developing more things aNd stuff that doN't feed tHe soul let aloNe sustain our bodies or miNds
a teMple of shelter, a teMple of BeAutiFuL resources that so maNy people died aNd sacrifices on the cross for.  Lifting up poverty of the MiNd HeArt aNd Soul in giving back to tHe people their laNd, their soil, ways to achieve a gaRdeN of self reliance aNd have access to more affordable ways of organic aNd natural the way it was designed aNd intended to BE.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE cannot start a New Year on this plaNet with anymore excuses or base these siMple plain aNd precious transformations aNd cHaNges on fear or keep cReAtiNg expensive gadgets aNd wars aNd woNdeR why our resources to feed us aNd keep us alive 
aRe fading before our eyes. 
WE have lil' Kings aNd Queens to look after aNd if WE as a Giant Village caN't raise a child or plaNet with plain, simple, precious aNd sustainable aNd clean thriving resources, tHeN what of the HuMaN race have WE learned about LoVe?  To staNd of bravery endurance aNd stReNgtH aNd a new found seNse of spiritual enlightenment is what I dReAm aNd pray for daily
Achieving a less material world of sustainability aNd goiNg back to our natural aNd siMple BeAutiFul solid foundation that truly feeds aNd builds the soul fRoM tHe inside out
of tHiNgs that aRe healthy solid, BeAutiFuL, sincere aNd everlasting
While the media aNd puppet masters aNd tainted organized religion waNt to coNtiNue throwing out state of miNds into chaos, it's every more reason why WE should BE learning aNd focusing our attention to achieving aNd obtaining more balance aNd order for ALL to benefit fRoM
aNd that starts with HOME.  Our Nation, each Country aNd every State has the ability to put forth their best foot in engaging in the lifting up of humanity with HoMes aNd GaRdeNs aNd everlasting sustainability aNd resources.  An opportunity for ALL of us to dReAm BIG aNd achieve the first step in truly loViNg ourselves aNd walking in 'THE WAY'  WE caN't BE held back in fear by evil doers when WE have the WoRld at our fingertips to achieve BeAutiFuL dReAms that can heal huManity aNd MotHeR Earth with tHe magical power of Heavenly FatHeRs aRmy.  If big Government aNd Organized Religion can cReAte Wars aNd 'False Flag' harmful paradigm shifts to cripple aNd hurt it's people, tHeN {they} can surely show it has a HeArt aNd truly Believes in LoVe by giving back to tHe oNes they have daMaged, inhumanely enslaved aNd hurt, 
including giving back to MotHeR Nature aNd her GaRdeN of Eden.
Let this New Year aNd KiNgdoM BE blessed with epic, siMple aNd swift coNtiNued enlightenment aNd knowledge in ALL of HuMaNities HeArt aNd Soul aNd if my faiRy wiNgs have aNytHiNg to say or DO about it, I wish for this New WoRld aNd Stage of LiViNg to BE blessed with a BeAutiFuL aNd Magical touch of Pixie Hollow.  Let ALL Nations coMe together in laying down the waste aNd gRoWiNg new seeds of everlasting Life aNd LoVe.  

'tHaNk YOU' to ALL those who rallied around ME in protecting my Freedom, Inherent Rights, Liberty aNd Dreams aNd to ALL those who haVe goNe before ME to ensure everlasting LoVe aNd Light... 'I LOVE YOU'