Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ladies Diary

I waNt to Believe there is such a tHiNg as a REAL 'Golden Age'
particularly in this ooak GaRdeN aNd House of Abraham
November aNd December this past year seemed to roll by in a more absolute solitude
Strangely enough Christmas seemed a bit mixed bag of emotions, a lot of journal writing to sooth the anxiety of not being with tHe oNes I truly LoVe but also reMeMberiNg the horrific meMoRies of being hoMeless, cold aNd paralyzed having scary hard drug/alcoholics literally 
stealing the clothes right off my back as the Odgen Police aNd hoMeless shelter watched for their amusement.  October-December will always BE stamped out permanently on my brain as
the moNths of being persecuted aNd medically aNd religiously tortured aNd lied to by the LDS Church aNd State. Raped aNd attacked within the Salt Lake Court System by what I would call the Prince of Darkness posing as a helper aNd 'fRieNd' fraud FBI Agent going by the naMe of 
Kent Jorgensen but has seNse tHeN taken up a new sociopathic mask. Even turning him into the South Jordan Police with my giRlfRieNd being present wasn't enough because tHe Police were in on the whole controlled attack in exploiting aNd parading aNd tossing ME around aNd not protecting or sustaining my rights aNd ignoring aNd violating my Legal Will aNd never given aNy due process in a court of law aNd every promise set forth in a man made bible was tossed out aNd broken. 
tHe entire court system fRoM Salt Lake to Utah County had displayed themselves as a nightmare of False Flag corruption, deceivers aNd the all mighty serpent.  
A well orchestrated giant sociopath thief, propaganda war hate cRiMe of slander aNd terror aNd torture upon tHe Human Civil Disability Rights of WoMeN aNd MotHeRs.  
On going aNd all staged to cover up tHe cRiMes that had been doNe in tHe 'Book of Life'
To display a False Flag Jesus through corrupt aNd forced 'mind control', manipulation, violent submission aNd abusive acts, then to coNtiNue abusing tHe WoMaN publicly 'gaslighting' her because SHE kNoWs of their evil 'acting aNd staged media ways'
Treaty nor Trust will ever BE ever again.  I miss my Children aNd hurt so bad that my rights were never protected, defended or preserved aNd was made to look like an unfit MotHeR in order to protect aNd cover up the corrupt systems cRiMes upon a Legal Disability Will, all while fighting for Human Civil Disability rights for ME aNd WE THE PEOPLE aNd should of received as a child or having the courage aNd stReNgth in divorcing a cheating sociopath ex husband or walking away fRoM a sociopath cheating drunk fraud fake Jesus aNd sounding tHe trumpet to my Heavenly FatHeR for protection and aid fRoM corrupt government aNd religion, doesn't make an unfit parent but that of a bRaVe Warrior WoMaN who died in sacrifice aNd real true LoVe aNd was reborn in bravery trying to save aNd protect those SHE truly LoVes aNd defend aNd preserve 
a better aNd healthier Constitution for her children aNd give to tHeM of what was never given aNd stolen fRoM their very own MotHeRs birthright.  
Every day aNd year I ache to have my arms around my children again aNd oNe day dReAm of building a new aNd solid gaRdeN aNd foundation with tHeM without the systems corruption aNd fraud ways.  For now as evil as the system is, I caN't trust or Believe in anything they say or DO because I can SEE that it's ALL staged aNd built on more lies, media aNd propaganda in order to rebuild their reputation of cheating aNd torturing aNd treading on a MotHeRs 
Legal Disability Will,  let aloNe not protect her truly with proper justice or redemption or closure of any kind.  Everything is sociopathically controlled by tHe corrupt LDS Church aNd System aNd fRoM that I doN't kNoW what will become of my Children.  I AM not to make treaty with the very corrupt system that violated my rights to begin with aNd that includes Wasatch Mental Health aNd tHe LDS Church aNd it's entire corrupt government.  I doN't even waNt to imagine the lies that they have built up around my children aNd have to leave it up to my Heavenly Father as to how tHe system is going to untangle their serpent ways aNd explain to my children the religious aNd medical aNd Land Law abuse aNd lies they inflicted on their MotHeR aNd of WE THE PEOPLE.  
All I know is that I pray everyday for this 'Book of Life' to BE restored aNd waNt my children to thrive aNd prosper aNd BE protected fRoM my ex abusive faMily aNd murderous abusive ex LDS MotHeR aNd to BE protected fRoM tHe serpent 'son of perdition' I waNt tHeM to BE blessed in a 'Golden Age' of true aNd REAL healthcare aNd BE protected fRoM tHe corrupt aNd deceitful ways of organized religion, as I remain walking in my duty of defending aNd preserving their resources on earth to secure a healthier future for tHeM.  The system did a major unlawful nuMbeR on their MotHeR aNd being so severely tortured by Land Law, Medical aNd LDS Church... 
I will never BE the saMe.  I imagine what it would BE like to SEE my childrens faces again but at tHe saMe tiMe the 'False Flag' war aNd terrorist attack that I went through has cHaNged ME in ways that I simply caN't explain, leaving ME so traumatized aNd in pure shock that Solitude is about ALL I AM strong enough to maintain myself in at tHe moMeNt.  Holidays will never BE tHe saMe, particularly that of Christmas, grieving for my Father in Heaven who went before ME aNd sacrificed his life to protect ME aNd our plaNet aNd what is left of the Constitution.  
I have trust aNd faith only in my Heavenly FatHeR that HE will snatch up the serpent aNd 'son of perdition' that continues to attack and lurk in the shadows aNd restore a more solid foundation aNd balance in returning to my GaRdeN his true Son aNd my ooak true Beloved LoVe in this MotHeR 
aNd Brave WoMaNs 'Book of Life' I dReAm to experience a 'Golden Age' of enlightenment of thriving prosperity, true inherent land aNd full protection aNd promises aNd blessing for tHe coming New Year.  I dReAm this for so maNy otHers who have been gravely affected with their families being unjustly torn apart aNd robbed of their inherit rights aNd dReAms.  Every prayer aNd every breath I take, I pray for REAL restoration to take place aNd for the lip service aNd propaganda to eNd aNd for a REAL actual solid Promise Land to begin...
'tHaNk YOU Heavenly FatHeR for helping ME secure my Rights right down to REAL medicine aNd tHe BeAutiFuL healthy food, water aNd plaNet YOU cReAted for ME aNd 'tHaNk YOU' to my REAL Messiah aNd Beloved LoVe to my ooak HeArt aNd Soul