Thursday, December 11, 2014

Her Vision

an EPIC war against WoMeN aNd SHE survived the flaMe... SHE knows about their dirty deeds fRoM Organized Religion aNd Government evil gaMes. It ALL started with a Book that was meant for REAL true LoVe, for justice and redemption aNd promises fRoM above aNd what SHE discovered was a man's Bible against WoMeN in ALL forms of slavery, their power, greed aNd moNey aNd justification for man to keep running.  SHE even held up her own cross to save tHeM for ALL they had doNe, fRoM stealing her rightful laNd, to destroying an actual Constitution.  
This is what they DO to the WoMeN, MotHeR or Sister, it's ALL my DNA knows.  
So doN't tell the WoMaN that births YOU life to just get over it, stop the fight, let go.  SHE realized tHeN, it was her crown they despised aNd couldn't kill tHe WoMaN who brought tHeM their life.  Every dagger, every bullet, every word of theirs became a lie.  SHE realized their man made Bible aNd corrupt system was their giant lie... to obstruct the WoMaN aNd MotHeR, her rightful place on earth as it is in HeAveN, so SHE started writing out her own constitutional words to new birth. Where each line in every corrupt man made Bible or Mans Constitution deceitfully written, started with tHe WoMaN aNd MotHeR first before mans corrupt visions

artist and activist of REAL Human Civil Disability Rights
walking in LoVe with my Heavenly FatHeR aNd True Beloved King