Saturday, December 6, 2014

Will of the Father

Because YOU disobeyed the Will of tHe FatHeR aNd deliberately caused harm on a MotHeRs Legal Disability Will, this is why your Church aNd corrupt system is in chaos aNd in a Fallen State. It's not my fault that YOU deceived tHe WoMaN, crushed her in spirit, lied to her, obstructed justice 
aNd didN't OBEY
Can soMeoNe point ME in the right direction for a REAL Promised Land aNd promised pharmacy aNd actual HuMaN Civil Disability Rights because ALL I have discovered is a 'Rabbit Hole' of nonsense aNd a very delusional corrupt system that likes to keep tHe war on woMen going aNd use their knowledge aNd wisdom for mans greed aNd gain

if I went through oNe life with no rights being Politically Religiously aNd Medically tortured aNd maimed to death by tHe LDS Mormon Church aNd State, now this life with no complete Human Civil Disability Rights aNd no promised pharmacy aNd a crushed Legal Disability Will served up by tHe very corrupt system that tortured ME in tHe fiRst place, then what the "F" AM I doing here?
Last I checked slavery was abolished.

activist aNd Freedom Fighter for Human Civil Disability Rights ~ poeticgarden