Saturday, December 20, 2014

GaRdeN of Eden

To the Ghost or Man or 'Son of Perdition' that tries to play a Lord or King that is chasing ME,
left ME falling knowing YOU cheated on my dReAms 
aNd your man made Cross, all the way into the GaRdeN of Eden...

YOU doN't get to say the words 'I LoVe YOU' to ME
when I know YOU aRe with aNd loViNg aNotHeR aNd otHeRs
YOU will BE chasing forever because YOU took advantage of soMeoNes 
REAL journey aNd Will, took advantage of their HeArt aNd Soul aNd left ME
with your BIG lie aNd made ME pay for it.  YOU used my dReAms aNd dared to steal
my birthright as a Queen.  A thief in the night aNd YOU take advantage of WoMeN, site unseen
 I will always BE goNe to YOU because YOU copy wrote my HeArt aNd took off with aNotHeR
I AM not second best or your latest Bible Muse, to cover up the biggest lie in the GaRdeN of Eden 
I AM Royalty, so when YOU made your move, and didn't bother to make your bed aNd played your gaMe on ME aNd a whole lot of WoMeN fRoM the dust of the earth, 
my Heavenly Father heard ALL that YOU promised aNd said.
YOU even preached about it in your man made Bible and yet YOU aRe the hypocrite.
Please STOP telling the WoRld YOU died for my sins, wHeN last 'EYE' of the Soul
reMeMbeRs is that I was crucified for yours, with YOU, died aNd rose again in 
REAL true loVe of tHe FatHeR aNd true Beloved aNd not tHe 'Son of Perdition'   Now I can SEE you oNly wanted to use ME, so I know now why I left YOU aNd continued walking as a REAL true aNd faithful Queen.

~ ~ ~
In fond memory of Eve who in a Garden of Eden story tHe way man wrote her in, SHE never stood a cHaNce in a gaRdeN full of thieves, fRoM a perverted snake to an Adam aNd a fraud Jesus who takes off running, I will always commend Eve for tying tHeM up to a tree
aNd have tHe courage to begin again with her own true LoVe StoRy aNd REAL solid dReAms
oNly this tiMe SHE isn't brainwashed aNd mind controlled into man's corrupt abusive lies of submission.  Here's to walking in 'The Way' her way

~writer, artist and activist poeticgarden