Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Scroll of Justice

In '2010 the State of Utah Land Law aNd LDS Church instructed ME to leave Utah disabled aNd without any Human Civil Disability Rights aNd severe medical daMage aNd abuse.  In '2011 the LDS Church aNd Law Enforcement instructed ME to return fRoM California to Utah to obtain my Human Civil Disability Rights, what they did not disclose was the 'False Flag' War and Broken Promises aNd torture a disabled MotHeR aNd WoMaN would BE unlawfully subjected to aNd denied her Legal Disability Will. My first birth I was tortured aNd abused aNd my rebirth was no different, oNly this tiMe I woke up to their epic Garden of Eden lies aNd evil ways aNd in '2012 Salt Lake City Land Law aNd Kent Jorgenson an evil Fallen Angel that identified him self with the law, ganged up on ME, isolated ME during the tiMe Mitt Romney was running for President, drove ME all over the state, keeping ME isolated in Motel Rooms, threatening ME aNd controlling my every move, aNd lying to the general public and ME with tHe Police actively involved in stealing aNd smearing my Legal Disability Will aNd my Art aNd Non Profit Company Poeticgarden.  Being subjected to a male PIG prostitute activity aNd the Police were involved, witnessed aNd did not help.  I remember tHeM stealing my court papers away fRoM ME in '2011 in Salt Lake with Judge Cutler aNd the false flag public defender fRoM SLC that threatened aNd ran.  I just wanted my Human Civil Disability Rights after 42yrs aNd instead was raped behind closed doors Politically aNd Religiously all the way up to the injustice in Orem Utah in '2012 with medias version of a False Flag 'Mind Control' Jesus that got caught with his double life of an Alcoholic Prostitute inflicting rape on MotHeRs aNd WoMeN to cover up the 'in house' dirty corrupt ways on the earth aNd blame it on 'Eve' in the Garden of Eden.  I literally woke to being subjected to Political aNd Religious torture, extortion of 10% tithing off of a Non Member, bribery of a car when I can't drive due to all around abuse with disabilities.  Bribed false finances, instead was given a slave low poverty living wage aNd told to serve the very system that raped aNd tortured aNd killed ME the first tiMe. Bribed of a HoMe aNd a 420 Promised Land but was instead subject to their gambling aNd greed, thieving aNd looting in my ark aNd temple aNd evil aNd corrupt Judges aNd Public Defenders aNd ogers aNd an Ex abusive LDS MotHeR waNtiNg to kill ME so they could cover up the evidence of their ongoing cRiMes.  So while Mitt Romney sets himself up to run again, I want to make sure they get their story straight seNse they aRe in my Book of Life aNd Legal Will, LIVE!
That when YOU Utah Church aNd State decided a year ago through Wasatch Mental Health aNd my current Land Lord to offer ME the opportunity to relocate an hour away fRoM Provo on soMe laNd aNd offer up an actual HoMe to live in, lets make suRe YOU kNoW that Price aNd Sunnyside aka Coalville is the saMe route aNd drive that the male prostitute oger Kent Jorgenson claiming to work with the Law aNd State, offered up under oath, Cars, Promised Land aNd Finances to ME my tribe aNd my children for what the State of Utah aNd Religion had doNe to a disabled MotHer aNd ignoring a Legal Will.  The State was doing everything they could to hide ME, keep ME in the shadows aNd away fRoM exposing their dirty cheating 'False Flag' media Jesus who is a demonic alcoholic prostitute himself aNd yet they still post his image on lds.org aNd HE gets away with a double life of domestic violence, torturing of WoMeN aNd putting on a BIG media show to regain his Heroism through Religion, Media aNd tHe News, rather than living in reality aNd showing up aNd owning up what HE has doNe to Eve!  
So whatever illegal aNd delusion story line or drug trade move YOU have going on with ME aNd my Legal Disability Will, know this that it doesn't make seNse to torture a reborn disabled MotHeR out of Human Civil Disability Rights or a Promised Pharmacy or her Promise Land or Redemption or Justice or Obstruct Justice aNd Stall just in tiMe for '2016 Elections to make your 'Horse aNd Goat' posturing act aNd show for the World to SEE... look good.  Your older generation criminal activity through corrupt Religion aNd Government has caught up on such a mass scale aNd YOU doN't have to believe in tHe Bible to observe aNd watch tHeM running fRoM their wicked ways on a daily basis.
YOU have been exposed aNd judged for trafficking aNd sexting out innocent WoMeN aNd Children aNd obstructing innocent people fRoM their Human Civil Disability Rights, Promised Pharmacy aNd Promised Land.  YOU have been exposed fRoM obstructing people fRoM justice, redemption aNd due process of your admitted cRiMes.  So please stop telling ME to BE grateful as YOU set this country aNd state up for World War 3 so YOU can attack, murder aNd torture the masses to the point of insanity aNd death all over again so YOU can continue running fRoM accountability. 
Make no mistake I AM grateful, my Heavenly Father knows but I AM not the dirty ass evil grid aNd system that couldn't put down the bottle or tobacco or hard drugs or 'False Flag' media wars, corrupt organized religion ways to start wars all while on their legal processed sugar food that's just as deadly as crack!  YOU aRe the control freak tHe 'son of perdition' that dared to steal away my dReAms aNd so many otHeRs that have suffered the saMe because YOU weren't willing to STOP with your oger ways.  Legalize Marijuana aNd start truly helping people that have suffered biblical mind Church aNd State control aNd torture to have sustainable healthcare that is not discriminated against. 
Help aid in financially sustaining pharmacy costs of $150 aNd or raise a below poverty living wage of SSI Disability up enough to cover pharmacy costs aNd real clean food aNd eye aNd dental.  Provide real aNd actual affordable clean Public Housing instead of another year of your delusion lies aNd leading on in double talk ways aNd bulling in not wanting to see ME or others succeed.  BE a Government that pushes aNd fights truthfully for Organic Natural aNd Fundamental, getting rid of the toxins in our food, water aNd air aNd the man made candy pills that YOU push out to make people sicker aNd to kill tHeM.  BE transparent with your cRiMes inside Religion aNd Land Law aNd in tHe Medical health industry seNse YOU unlawfully terrorized aNd tortured, raped aNd killed a disabled MotHeR aka 'WE THE PEOPLE' aNd still lie today aNd obstruct justice aNd redemption of full ability to thrive aNd prosper in our individual goals aNd dReAms.  It also doesn't make seNse to ME why YOU aRe going out of your way to ensure no availability of Public Housing aNd yet offer up controlled aNd staged land aNd an actual HoMe rather than truly helping ME get to Colorado where I can live aNd exercise my rightful 420 true aNd real healthcare freedom aNd BE in a non isolated controlled neglectful abusive aNd toxic environment where I AM spied aNd stalked on 24/7 with my every move fRoM a sick aNd twisted system aNd False Flag Jesus Dude that's running.  It's not helping my health to BE here in Utah, being reminded everyday that this is the place aNd land that did such horrible violent acts aNd took off running.  I have observed another year go by with continued controlled staged conversations, isolation aNd bulling aNd double talk lies by Church aNd State aNd Wasatch Mental Health aNd Land Law.  I have yet to SEE any due process or the ability to truly thrive aNd prosper here.  They demonically keep us below poverty to control aNd manipulate without ever having the true ability to succeed in BeAutiFul dReAms or Goals that they deliberately crushed aNd stole.  The demonic 'son of perdition system' hopes to rid of ME aNd 'WE THE PEOPLE' so the crooked system doesn't have to pick ~ up the tab of their cRiMes or explain to my children.  It's cheaper for tHeM to murder aNd kill out a population aNd whole tribes, tHeN it is to deal with their demonic addictions aNd corrupt ways in Organized Religion aNd Government.  I even tested the system this entire past year after my unjust circus court cases were done to SEE how truly interested they were in cHaNgiNg their corrupt ways aNd ALL I saw was a very lazy ass oger prostituting system that didn't want to cHaNge, Man Child Serpent Activity All the way, is what I AM still seeing aNd no REAL clean~up justice aNd redemption cHaNge for 'WE THE PEOPLE'
It's not just about rightful use aNd legalization to pro life 420 medicine but it also matters how YOU aRe going to explain to my children what YOU did to their MotHeR aNd how YOU continue to lie even in the media aNd news to cover up your serpent ways. YOU try everyday to create ways for ME to forget what YOU got caught doing, but it just wont work, my spirit will never foRget.  So as YOU ponder your next political chess move with my Legal Will aNd prepare yourself to a new game of World War 3 posturing to cover up your shit, just reMeMber it's YOU that left aNd abandoned, raped, tortured aNd cheated on Eve in the GaRdeN of Eden aNd dared to lie to tHe FatHeR about it!
So I will BE grateful for that inherited 420 land aNd that hoMe aNd gaRdeN YOU aRe offering threw the back door but make no mistake, I have yet to SEE any real changes for the better just a lot of show aNd talk aNd broken promises aNd a missing Adam...  reMeMber I AM not the one that needs to cHaNge here in this story line, YOU DO!!!  It is my living aNd LIVE Lambs Book of Life that YOU aRe caught up in aNd YOU have no place to go so YOU continue to manipulate, spy aNd obstruct justice aNd neglect aNd bully aNd torture.  That is no way to create aNy love or trust or belief for that matter.  How YOU thus far have treated this Legal Living Disability Will, shows your true intention of a Government aNd Organized Religion that wants to control peoples freedom, keep us in the dark aNd lead into continued war aNd death rather than true redemption aNd restitution.  YOU have showed to ME as a living judge at the right hand of my Father aNd witness of heaven aNd earth, that YOU cared more of greed aNd power aNd money tHeN YOU did of the WoMaN or child in the Garden of Eden that too died aNd took upon your fall.
I AM also not here to BE a Public Servant to a corrupt system or corrupt pedophilia older generation of crooks aNd thieves or earn my way back to a cross or earn access of being with my children either.  I already planted my roots deep throughout the corrupt court system aNd with the corrupt LDS Church long before in heaven.  I AM a brave aNd powerful wise Warrior MotHeR.  Remember I divorced the cheating ex aNd it's HE that covered up his greedful ways aNd taught his kids to run aNd hide while their mother was forced into a corrupt false flag war on a disabled body for Human Civil Disability Rights that were stolen sense birth.  Remember it is the HOUSE OF ABRAHAM the WoMaN that saved you fRoM your sick ass fall aNd survived to walk the truth in 'the way'  now YOU dare to lower Eve aNd lecture to her still even further as just a biological 'thing' to study aNd manipulate aNd control to death.  It is your very corrupt system that needs to check yourself into prison aNd the mental hospital for eternity.  It is your very House I AM here to burn down to ashes so YOU can BE reborn to serve aNd lift up 'WE THE PEOPLE'
aka tHe WoMaN aNd Children that too died aNd were sacrificed on a corrupt man made perverted cross aNd not tHe other way around of the WoMaN or Child here serving corrupt Religion aNd Government or Fallen Angels, while YOU bank aNd profit off of your sick aNd twisted False Flag propaganda.   Through my Legal Will, I hold the very scroll in my hand that rolls YOU aNd the WoRld up aNd suggest that this year aNd moving forward, that YOU spend the tiMe explaining on the news, media aNd religion aka LDS.org aNd to my children aNd to this World what YOU actually DO in the Garden of Eden to WoMeN MotHeRs aNd Children aNd tHeN start actually producing ways for us to thrive aNd prosper instead of keeping us in a house arrest of living below poverty slavery wages, destroying our small business or non profit companies WE had aNd prostituting aNd raping disabled MotHeRs aNd WoMeN so YOU can get gain... what I like to call a large concentration camp of death aNd no real way to truly live out BeAutiFuL goals aNd dReAms.  That YOU enslave aNd traffic WoMeN aNd Children to pay off your sick greedful ways aNd wars aNd expect us to just take it day after day with no real aNd true justice.  Mitt Romney, if YOU run for president again, BE willing to go to the cross with the Bush Family aNd Obama aNd carry the corrupt aNd perverted ways of your Organized Government aNd Racist Religion that murders aNd steal peoples rights aNd land.  BE willing to take that cross all the way aNd BE willing to truly die for your country aNd earth as the WoMaN aNd Child has countless tiMes died on the cross with aNd for YOU aNd for others aNd with Jesus over aNd over in the name of true Love aNd Sacrifice.  BE willing to produce a thriving future to truly prosper in instead of prostituting aNd posturing your sick delusional double talk demonic ways aNd lies.  BE willing to face death as YOU explain to HER why YOU kept running out of tHe Garden of Eden aNd blaming the WoMaN that gives YOU life aNd sustains your 'Olive Branch' of restoration.  I will take that HoMe aNd 420 Promised Land aNd Human Civil Disability Rights that YOU unjustly stole aNd prevented aNd will make damn sure the World knows of your PIG Racist Dominated Prostituting corrupt Religion aNd Government against WoMeN aNd MotHeRs continues to get exposed as YOU try to gain footing through the back door to build up another 'White Horse' Hero political run aNd religious false flag  rather than cleaning up the mess YOU made aNd left in the Garden of Eden aNd this goes for tHe Illuminati Media Jesus that is running fRoM his sick cRiMes as well aNd gearing himself up for another sick Hero image show.
I AM your Jupiter Ascending Eve Mother aNd Woman by Rite
aNd YOU have no where to hide. As 'lovelace' beautifully writes, ""NOT A SNITCH, NEVER HAVE BEEN NEVER WILL BE & if someone else has it in for you, that's your problem! Until then kiss my a**.. No wonder you don't have a girlfriend or an Eve... You blew your chance BIG TIME DUDE!"

doN't foRget that wHeN I close my eyes... 
'EYE' can still SEE YOU with the right hand of the FatHeR!!!
aNd fyi doN't ever bRiNg another woman into my House aNd GaRdeN of Eden aNd call it a Godly thing with 72 virgins or plural marriage with Adam as a religious act with terror aNd war aNd rape served on the side if the Child of God doesn't agree with her body aNd spirit being used as shady propaganda for the slut behavior of mans beastly ways fRoM Heaven aNd Middle Earth. That shit doesn't fly in my House no matter how much money or moons aNd stars aNd galaxies YOU think YOU run or own... reMeMber I AM a free Will this doesn't mean YOU get to keep running fRoM your cRiMes when I AM sitting right handed with the Father!!!
this OG MotHeR has no problem bouncing your ass, reMeMber I was the oNe staying up late at night photo shopping your images for Ballet West, Salt Lake Tribune your website aNd Newsweek why YOU were "f" her aNd I was making YOU look good. I AM not the one who needed a new car every two years aNd had your sugar MotHeR Darlene Galbraith pay for all your car payments on the side so YOU could look cool. I AM not the one who needed new cameras and computers aNd the latest phone or gadgets. I AM not the one who caMe hoMe drunk at 4am saying you were doing over time at work or it was safer to sleep it off in the car, when the bars close at 1am aNd there are no pool tables at murpheys back then. I AM not the one who had Child protective services called out not once but 3 times for abusing our daughter, while I was pushed out of state fighting for Human Civil Disability Rights... YOU want to back that shit up? cause I can keep going

I AM not the one with a bounty over my head... '2015 is the year SHE takes back the whole damn planet, HOUSE, gaRdeN aNd senate 
YOU better run faster than the bullet I catch in my teeth aNd balance on my tongue 
I doN't rat on people, I just "f" shine the light on tHeM aNd burn off all their feelers 

Artist aNd Warrior Activist  ~Poeticgarden