Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tHaNk You

tHaNk You Ann fRoM www.simplythebestcreations.com for selecting Poetic GaRdeN as the artist of the moNth on your website. I appreciate all of your haRd woRk in presenting such a beautiful feature aNd showcasing the aRt aNd wRitiNg about the woNdeRful meMoRies we have gained as artists. I will always be appreciative of your kindness aNd value your attention to detail as a gifted paiNteR. Your tree scenes have always been my absolute favorite so I thought I would take a moMeNt aNd sHaRe the new vanity jar holder you recently deSigNed. fRoM my aRt Studio to yours "tHaNk You" aNd ~Blessed Be

(Above is oNe of the featuRed Poetic GaRdeN 8x8 aRt Pieces aloNg with oNe of my favorite haNd paiNted cReAtioNs fRoM simplythebestcreations.com)