Thursday, June 23, 2011

GraNdma's GaRdeN

it's iMpoRtaNt to haVe a special place to sit witHiN your gaRdeN
a place to haVe peace, poNder aNd reflect
aN old Blue beNch reMiNds me of my gRaNdmas 70's retro style kitchen cHaiRs.
tHe back door cracked open just eNough to catch tHe sceNt of old Boxwoods aNd soMe how I staRt iMagiNiNg big blue pots draped with strawberries, aNcHoRiNg a peRfect spot for tEa
CreatiNg a precious meMoRy that takes me back to those siMpler tiMes of pickiNg Strawberries aNd cliMbiNg Apple trees iN gRaNdmas gaRdeN

deSigNs by Poetic GaRdeN