Saturday, November 16, 2013



'ooak' Seasonal HaNdMade Greeting CaRd
~by Poeticgarden

adorn with layered ribbon
deSigNeR floRal paper
seasonal berry butter cReAm cotton fabric
viNtage Silk Pink Rose, Postage StaMp with Chocolate Sparkle leAves
Jeweled Elf Green Pearl Pin, an adorable 'Believe' cHaRm
cReAm berries, caRd dipped iN faiRy dust, coMplete with sigNatuRe due drops 
blaNk iNside for peRsoNal use
BeAutiFuL Gift Giving aRt Piece aNd Greeting Card

*This aRt Piece aNd otHeR cReAtioNs available for puRcHase through facebook
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copyrights of aNd associated aRcHiVes
dedicated to my HeAveNly FatHeR, my cHildReN aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be