Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silhouette of LoVe

I had a bRief cHaNce aNd wiNdow of tiMe to meet a dear WoMaN recently
Such admiration iN her stReNgth as a MotHeR aNd TeAcher upon tHis eArth.  
Her sileNt fortitude oN leVels uN matched will alWays leAve a profound iMpriNt within my spiRit
Prior of eVeR kNoWiNg full extent of her weakening health, I was blessed iN gettiNg to kNoW 
her BeAutiFuL lil' faMily. 
iNspiRed by tHe gifts aNd taleNts of aNotHeR, I discovered at a local tHrift stoRe, a gorgeous silhouette of a WoMaN coVeRed iN altered aRt materials.  I was reMiNded of tHe days I was able to speNd iN tHe presence of tHis MotHeR, exchanging of a simple sMile, sHaRiNg nourishment of greeting woRds or tHe woNdeRfuL joy her young stRoNg heArted spiRited boys haVe brought iNto tHis woRld.  I couldN't help but express my gratitude of wHat sHe left beHiNd for me...


You will fiNd her iN tHe Silhouette of woRds aNd pages still uNwRitteN,
a tiMeless hourglass of meMoRies, a gRaceFuL sileNt touch
a thought prevoked by aRt or within the sight and souNds of MotHeR NatuRe
You will fiNd her iN tHe sileNce aNd rhythm of peAce aNd iN tHe stReNgth of fortitude
Her HeArt caRries wHat matters tHe most
Her dReAms aRe wHat keeps her spiRit aliVe iN all tHiNgs
You will fiNd her within tHe silhouette of {LoVe}
~iN passiNg MeMoRy of a BeAutiFuL MotHeR, Wife, Daughter aNd Sister
your 'NatuRe' will be adMiRed eVeRy day
deSigN #158
'Silhouette of LoVe' 
8x8 Shadow Box Photo fRaMe 'ooak' aRt WoRk 
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dedicated to my HeAveNly FatHeR, my cHildReN aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be