Sunday, November 3, 2013

TiMe of gRatitude

As 'tHaNks giViNg' approaches, I aM reMiNded iN a wHole new way aNd ligHt of tHe WoRd 


Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. 

to all tHe BeAutiFuL woMeN tHat speNt tiMe with me iN jail, tHat helped me keep my cHiN up aNd giVe me stReNgtH to not giVe up oN my dReAms.  For BelieViNg iN my figHt to defeNd, pReseRve aNd pRotect tHe CoNstitutioN iN HuMaN/CiVil aNd Disability Rights.

for sHaRiNg all your fRuits aNd vegies wHeN I was huNgRy, maNy days aNd nigHts of laughter, teArs, stoRies, expeRieNces aNd for helpiNg me discover moRe of my iNneR pHoeNix

Gratitude for tHe pReseNt moMeNt aNd tHe fullness of life now is tRue pRospeRity
~Eckhart Tolle iN tHe PoWer of Now

aNd for tHat Ladies, MotHeRs, giRls, woMaN aNd daugHteRs
'tHaNk YOU' for helping me fight tHe good fight with LoVe aNd foRtitude
fRoM my soulful gaRdeN to yours
PeAce aNd NaMaste aNd much Gratitude