Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nature Photo Gift Tags

Nature Photo Gift Tags
~by Poetic GaRdeN

Sold separately, these adoRable eaRth toNed Nature Photo Gift Tags aRe HaNdMade with {LoVe} aNd deSigNed to place a 5x3.75 Photo oN tHe back side
aNd JouRnaL tReAsuRed meMoRies
oN tHe fRoNt side.  A peRfect gift for aNy occasion...

usiNg MME 'Wild Asparagus'  ~ Basic Grey 'Nook & PaNtRy'
BoBunny Cetera Cut Outs ~ Graphic 45 viNtage Post CaRds
MakiNg MeMoRies Chocolate Brads, Organza Sheer Ribbon
Prima, SpaRe PaRts aNd K&CoMpaNy FloWeRs
dipped iN faiRy diaMoNd glitter
coMplete with Poetic GaRdeN glass faiRy StoNe Baubles

*oNe of a KiNd cReAtioNs available with secure purchase through paypal
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dedicated to my HeAveNly FatHeR, my cHildReN aNd my faiRies 
~Blessed Be aNd NaMaste