Saturday, November 30, 2013


tiMe speNt cheRisHiNg tHe solitude aNd peAce of wHat tHe HeArt kNoWs... 
tHat tRue {LoVe} is eteRnal aNd will alWays BE.  
GiViNg tHaNks to tHe oNe tHat quiets tHe storm, tHe oNe tHat spiNs tHe orbit aNd holds me wHeN I aM aNeW...

'Cherish' HaNdMade ooak Greeting CaRd
detailed iN My Mind's Eye 'Life Stories' Green Damask Paper
Ranger~walNut staiNed edges
Prima Paper FloWeRs
Swarovski Crystal tipped Butterfly
Fresh Cuts HeArt, viNtage Lace aNd {HeArt} cHaRm
{Note} Worth Audrey {LoVe} pebble bRad
coMplete with Poetic GaRdeN Christ Glass faiRy stoNe Bauble
*This aRt Piece aRcHiVed
otHeR cReAtioNs available for puRcHase through facebook
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copyrights of aNd associated aRcHiVes
dedicated to my HeAveNly FatHeR, my cHildReN aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be