Sunday, September 14, 2014

Body of Evidence

I look back aNd have learned what I know now aNd realized "they" were trying to pay ME off in "goods" to cover up their cRiMes... this is the official broken car that the Bishop in Layton Utah in the Angels Crossing Ward gave. 2.5 months of being interviewed under 'mis carriage of justice' of the Bishop and approved for Cannabis in the State of Utah in '2011 by this Bishop aNd the State that works for the head office of Workforce Services/Disability Rights for the Church and State. I caN't dRiVe due to the States violent Medical aNd Political aNd Religious warfare they inflicted onto my disabilities. I AM more than certain, the LDS Church got their car back! Sneaky Snake tHiNg to DO! Just reMeMber YOU took 10% fRoM a non member Disabled Mother aNd WoMaN aNd abused her Will. Over $200 in tithing receipts fRoM California, Idaho aNd Utah in a 1yr tiMe span. In '2012 I called Farmers Insurance in Layton to collect additional insurance paperwork for the court system as proof of bribery aNd the agent was not only lying about the coverage the church placed on the car but the insurance coverage was fake.

Ironically I went looking for the Bishop/Physician Derec Lords~ Brea 1st Ward of the Mormon Church in California, that interviewed aNd approved ME for Cannabis in '2010 aNd then sent ME back to Utah into a death trap aNd ran aNd lied. I went back through my old facebook msgs to track the Bishop down, to find that HE is now officially MIA. I AM not surprised. HE ran so fast, ironically HE was sure eager to keep soMe of my personal belongings in his hoMe aNd contacted ME when my case was wide open in the court system here in Utah in '2011-'2012, to ensure that I got my items mailed back to ME, but to also cover up his dirty trail for the Church... never did get those items back. When HE got a call as a Legal Physician to BE questioned, HE ran under oath... FACT! The LDS Mormon Church aRe diRty liars aNd will go to great lengths to hide the truth aNd they have no problem abusing WoMeN but aRe so HAPPY to take tithing money of non member disabled people!