Sunday, September 28, 2014


After waiting like 'Job' I AM fiNally up in October for 'Public Housing Assistance' after waiting almost 7yrs not including the 37yrs I went without disability rights but not without an ALL out Bully Terrorist Domestic Violence attack by the Alcoholics aNd Landlord aNd the LDS perverted Government, that rides aNd abuses the system, is running fRoM Murder, Rape, Sexual Assault 'Obstruction of Justice' False Flag Terrorist attack aNd trying aNytHiNg to prevent ME fRoM getting my housing or medicine paid for, FREE medicine, non taxed, if I AM suppose to BE FREE fRoM Slavery aNd I AM Sovereign! As I said to the Police Officer last night, doN't tRy to turn or label ME into a Communist Assassin, as YOU teach aNd tell ME to hate aNd wish Agenda 21 on my 'haters' As YOU support the Murderers aNd Fallen Angels of getting their Housing aNd $4.00 Walmart Pill Popping Medications aNd Alcohol aNd Hard Drugs aNd Tobacco aNd Gun Rights aNd Same Sex Marriage Rights, before soMeoNe who is fighting to literally live aNd requires 'Life Sustaining' Cannabis' true Medicine. Through aNy stupid 'Drug War' Cannabis will always BE the oNly reliable resource on the earth aNd will always sustain the earth over 'Hard Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescription Pills that kill aNd cReAte more addictions aNd bloody war as much as Coal/Oil! BRING MY TROOPS HOME FROM THE LYING WARS AND PROTECT ME AND MY HOUSE!!! OUR NATION CAN BE SELF RELIANT AND SECURING AND PROTECTING OUR TRUE RESOURCES WITHOUT BEING 'DOG TAGGED' BY OTHER COUNTRIES. WE DON'T NEED COAL WHEN WE HAVE A PLANT THAT PROVIDES THAT!!! WE DON'T NEED MAN MADE DRUGS OR DIRTY FOOD OR WATER, WHEN WE HAVE THE 'TREE OF LIFE' ... CANNABIS! "I AM THE LAST TRUE MOUTH PIECE" aNd dReAmiNg with a bRoKeN Heart aNd caN't live my dReAms because YOU killed ME aNd my dReAms aNd separated ME fRoM the oNes I LOVE! AGAIN SOMEONE IN THIS UNIVERSE TELL ME WHY MY KILLERS AND ABUSERS GOT THEIR RIGHTS BEFORE MINE, OR "WE THE PEOPLE?" ...after the Bulling situation was silenced, the WoMaN Police Officer walked away, wished ME aNd my neighbor a "Goodnight", coNfiRmiNg what was taking place. I geNtly reMiNded the Officer that Wasatch Mental Health aNd the Police work for ME aNd by RULE OF LAW, aRe to serve aNd protect ME, when enforcing a "George Washington" in GOD WE TRUST, situation. I couldn't eNd the day without confronting the Landlord aNd Police Officer, in asking their SOULS... "WHO DO YOU SERVE?!!!" Challenging "Fallen Angel" spirits, because I doN't Believe in their uniforms!!! I sift their SOULS!!! "WHO DO YOU SERVE?!!! AND WHEN YOU KNOW THEY HAVE TO QUESTION OR CAN'T ANSWER... THEY ARE BAD PEOPLE IN DISGUISE THAT OPENLY ADMIT THE ON GOING ABUSE!!! SEE THAT DOESN'T WORK IN MY HOUSE... I HAVE NO PROBLEM PLAYING A BRAVE WARRIOR COMMUNIST ASSASSIN, IF YOU ARE STILL IDOLING AND SERVING SATAN AND NOT THE TRUE BROTHER BELOVED OR FOUNDING FATHER! THIS MESSAGE APPLIES TO EVERYONE IN THE 'WHITE HOUSE' THE FEDS, CIA, SECRET SERVICE, RELIGION OR ALIENS! YOU THREATEN MY LIFE AND KILL ME AGAIN, MY BODY IS A LIVE ASSASSIN 'MOTHER SHIP' IF I GO... WE ALL GO!!!
NEW WORLD ORDER 'HEALTHCARE SYSTEM' if YOU cannot pee clean or GO GREEN... tHeN go tHe "F" HOME!!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY GARDEN OR MY KINGDOM! This means, if YOU cannot rid yourself of hard drugs, alcohol, tobacco aNd or aNy phoney doctors 'caNdy' prescription pills, each week at aNy SSI Disability/Mental Health/VA location on plaNet UTAH aNd the NATION, YOU should not BE allowed to get your weekly paycheck...