Saturday, September 13, 2014

Caught RED Handed

Link to news article:
Prosecutor: 2 ex-Utah attorneys general arrested

In '2010  I was pushed out of the State of Utah with the advice of the Medical Profession aNd Land Law to seek my healthcare aNd disability coverage outside of the State of Utah with no Human Civil Disability Rights. Keep in mind I went 37yrs without required disability aNd abused right uNdeR the radar. CoMpletely attacked aNd clobbered for my required medicine of cannabis aNd for aNy true healthcare.  Ironically as I was being strung out aNd lied to by the Mormon Church aNd Law Enforcement in 3 States aNd told to return to Utah for my true medicine of Cannabis aNd for Disability Rights. I was horribly attacked Religiously aNd Politically aNd Medically in the most vile way by the actions aNd perverted ways of these Attorney Generals aNd their "in house" cRiMes.  Prior to leaving Utah after being brutally slaughtered medically with even more physical daMage to my body aNd still no disability, I wrote to Mark Shurtleff in a '2010 just before I left the State for Human Civil Disability Rights, about the ongoing medical abuse aNd violation to Human Civil Disability Rights here in this State.  I guess my question is, how DO these Mormon men get charged with dirty cRiMes but nothing happens to tHeM... NOTHING? A quick news story about the fraud charges but nothing ever caMe to BE, saMe with the False Prophet President Monson, wHeN HE was being charged with fRaud.  Yet the State of Utah still collects aNd extorts 10% tithing off of Non~MeMbers, lie to tHeM aNd extort off of tHeM currently today. This is aNotHeR prime example of how evil aNd diRty the operation is ran here in Utah on ALL levels.  Corrupt right down to the core!  Utah is the oNly State in the Nation that runs their entire perverted system including the Police aNd Medical Industry through their corrupt aNd dirty LDS Mormon Church aNd deceitfully DO not separate Church aNd State because it's ALL bleNded together. NO other State in the Nation does this... NONE!!! YOU add to the fact that the LDS Church is not taxed at ALL aNd tHeN on top of this, they literally let cRiMiNals go FREE with a simple slap on the haNd.  If they did this to ME, imagine ALL the years they haVe been violently doiNg this to others.  And yet the cycle coNtiNues aNd tHe cRiMiNals walk FREE! aNd I have yet to SEE aNyoNe staNd up to the Church or State of Utah for what they coNtiNue to DO. And further more...
They aRe not being authentic with America or even right here in Utah, fRoM Healthcare to Gun Control issues, tHey manipulate an emotional crisis within the State aNd Nation to further an ideological agenda which evolves aNd involves tHe slow disintegration of our Civil Rights, our Liberties, our ability to live aNd it is a disturbing, abusive aNd narcissistic pattern. And if it's too much for YOU to provide true Disability Rights aNd Medicine Rights... why DoN't YOU just wipe ME out like YOU did the first tiMe, YOU clearly didn't succeed? It doesN't make seNse to violate the disabled aNd tHeN leave tHeM with controlled aNd corrupt Medicaid that doesn't cover jack shit, let aloNe medicine.