Friday, September 26, 2014

In Cold Blood

Over my dead or alive body with two party both republic or democrat BE voted in, "quit voting two party" The Bush Family is probably the worst poison apple out of the buNcH. Hilary Clinton eats like a "pig" which she is suppose to BE eating healthy for her Ciliac Disease aNd preached she knows real healthcare over Michelle Obama aNd Religion is completely out the door because Religion tortured aNd killed ME the first tiMe aNd it was Mitt Romney LDS Church that did it! Independent away aNd OFF with their heads on ALL perverted Religion aNd Government aNd vote in REAL Healthcare... vote in cannabis aNd again quit supporting two party because they aRe in bed on both sides of the isle!!! Support your Founding Father George Washington. For the LoVe of Pete, if YOU doN't believe in a "maker" a higher power source of a God, at least never forget the fRaMer of the Constitution "OUR FOUNDING FATHER" WHO BELIEVES AND SUPPORTS LIFE SUSTAINING MEDICINE OF CANNABIS Shut the perverted house down, call for impeachment aNd get off the perverted grid, STOP idoling. Live for tRutH aNd Pro Life aNd if Alcohol is killing faMilies aNd it was oNce illegal, then for GOSH sakes have the balls to protect REAL healthcare aNd STOP BELIEVING IN IT BECAUSE ALCOHOL VIOLENTLY KILLED ME AND SO MANY OTHERS THROUGH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND I CAN'T BE WITH THE ONES I LOVE! Mean while so many of us aRe still waiting in liNe for our Disability Rights to BE covered aNd sustained by RULE OF LAW, while they support aNd sustain the Alcoholics getting their disability aNd prescription pills before Pro Life of saving soMeoNes life on Cannabis, young or old! So explain to ME why my Murderers aNd Violators got their Disability Rights first before 
"WE THE PEOPLE" who aRe dying to live, didn't get theirs? 42yrs of 'Obstructing Justice
aNd for the fake fraud Mother that is raising my kids, who coNtributed to my death aNd domestic violence, doN't foRget I AM my childrens REAL MOTHER BY RIGHT... 'HAGAR~ HOUSE OF ABRAHAM' aNd YOU aNd Ryan Galbraith fRoM the Salt Lake Tribune, will always BE written in history as my murderers!!!
as a WoMaN aNd MotHeR fighting for true Disability Rights, YOU violently treated ME less tHaN a Human Being aNd told ME aNd "WE THE PEOPLE" that WE were mistakes. Now YOU terrorize us aNd mentally aNd emotionally abuse us to death oNce moRe because YOU caN't handle the TRUTH! WE DON'T FORGIVE AND DON'T FORGET perpetual killers of aNy kiNd!