Monday, September 15, 2014

Utah Abuse!!!

I called 911 Emergency aNd it is a war zone, REAL fraud Certified Liars!!! they aRe flat out ignoring ME aNd my healthcare needs aNd rights. They woN't DO a daMn tHiNg aNd woN't answer any of my questions here. The Police aRe crooks aNd it is a flat out hate cRiMe aNd a full blown attack on WoMeN aNd MotHeRs. For over 5yrs the system aNd corrupt Mormon Church here in Utah has brutally tortured aNd attacked ME over Human Civil Disability Rights aNd I caN't iMagiNe how more WoMaN aNd Mothers they haVe doNe this to. The Police just caMe by but I wouldN't answer the door, they aRe pure evil aNd contribute aNd force Political aNd Religious Sexual Assault aNd Rape aNd KILL! For the LOVE of God, PLEASE soMeoNe protect my kids fRoM fRoM the Mormon Church aNd HELL HOLE State of Utah, PLEASE!!!

 Katherine Galbraith
Provo, Utah