Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been on a jourNey receNtly that soMe would not believe. A cHaNce to finally give my heart what it's loNged for, soMetHiNg that it needs. A cHaNce to feed my soul in ways I never iMagiNed. Experiencing tHiNgs that have made me stRoNgeR though I thought could never eNduRe.
Opportunities to build my self esteem aNd make choices that my heart yearns for aNd follow the path to my dReAms. A road less traveled but oNe I will not waiver. If I am at peace for the choices I make now, it is soulfully fRoM soMetHiNg I believe.
My jourNey may never laNd in oNe place nor have a spot to call hoMe. If it's meant for me to explore, I know I will not be aloNe. I'll always coMe back to the the oNes I love aNd take with me my mentor. I've been on a jourNey that is less traveled, a place that i've been before. Now it's tiMe for me to venture aNd leave with waNtiNg moRe...
Poetry by ~ oNe of my favorite painters Vladimir Kush