Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poetic GaRdeN Poetry


If i'm to be aloNe that is where I will stay, I have wiNgs to fly aNd that is ok.
Life may tRy to buRdeN or weigh me down but I know that my wiNgs will take flight aNd will oNe day take me off the gRouNd.
I doN't have to be oNe with another flight as my heart already knows what is right.
It's tiMe for me to love myself aNd be aloNe with my soul, to give myself what I need. To learn aNd uNderstaNd aNd be deseRviNg to be free.
To feel the wiNd brush against my face or have life catch my bReAth in ways that I oNly iMagiNed it would
If oNly I knew the answers of where my path might take me if oNly I could
I would tell the oNes I hold dear to my heart that I need this tiMe to learn fRoM the start of kNowiNg who I am. Where I have started aNd where I have began.
Every beiNg has wiNgs to fly but it's the process of leaRniNg aNd gRowiNg to learn how to tRy.
To be apart of soMetHiNg bigger that caN't be explained or understood, if I had the answers I would wear your buRdeN upon my wiNgs aNd fly for you aNd show you tHiNgs that I have seen before but I am still leaRniNg aNd need to know moRe. I need to know how to heal my heart wHeN tiMes aRe bad or how to be stRoNg wHeN my soul feels sad. I need to learn this to be stRoNg for you so that oNe day I can have the stReNgth to fly for you. ~poetry by (image by google)