Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tHaNk You

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I sought refuge in the gaRdeN today.
Blessed to live in a place where hummingbirds still collect their nectar aNd can feel fresh cut grass beneath my feet, I captured a delicate piNk rose that was beginning to emerge.
As I studied the liNes aNd details on the petals, I fouNd myself poNdeRiNg on the day ahead with all that needed to be accomplished. Focusing in on the details, I noticed my spirit was regaining the peace it so desired. Calmness caMe over me as the sound of the birds near by raNg out in beautiful haRmoNy.
A tiMe of clarity as I couldn't help but notice that the particular color of Rose I was drawn to was that of PiNk.
A PiNk Rose symbolizes 'tHaNk You' aNd right then I knew what my heart was tRyiNg to say...
I give tHaNks to the everlasting iNspiRatioN that MotHeR Nature has given to me aNd for all the beauty she has brought into my life. For those who have helped me grow into the person I have become aNd desire to be. Poetic GaRdeN would not be where it is today without those who have supported me with silent acts of kindness or daily words of encouragement. I will always be huMbled by those who coNtiNue to help me fly aNd believe in my world of dReAmiNg.

~Blessed Be aNd with a heartfelt 'tHaNk You' fRoM Poeticgarden.com